Commission Induction Today At 11:30AM

Ariel Fernandez

Founder & Editor
[email protected]

The Coral Gables City Commission Induction will take place today, Friday, April 28th, at 11:30AM at Coral Gables City Hall.

Commissioners-Elect Melissa Castro and Ariel Fernandez will be swearing their oaths to replace outgoing Commissioner Jim Cason and Vice Mayor Michael Mena respectively.

Residents can view the Induction Ceremony on, the Public Access Channel on Comcast – Channel 77 or U-Verse – Channel 99, YouTube or via Zoom.


84 thoughts on “Commission Induction Today At 11:30AM

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  4. Good Riddance Cason and Mena-puppets of developers, PACS, and special interests – never the Commissioners of your constituents. Welcome the people’s Commissioners- Ariel Fernandez and Melissa Castro. Menendez and Anderson now need to stop being the lap dogs of the special interests or bye bye in 2 years —-maybe. Quite frankly they have broken the people’s trust and I hope their races are contested especially Menendez. Mr. Baños do give it another go!!

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