Commissioner Jorge L. Fors, Jr. To Run For County Commission And Leave Coral Gables Commission

The Miami-Dade County Commission District 6 race has been one with many changes over the last few months. Initially, State Representative and Speaker Pro Tempore of the Florida House, Bryan Avila, what filed to run for the seat. Following Governor Ron DeSantis’ appointment of State Senator Manny Diaz as Commissioner of Education, Avila decided to run for the State Senate seat being vacated by Diaz.

In the days since, several candidates have jumped into this wide open race. These candidates include Kevin Cabrera, the husband of State Representative Demi Busata Cabrera; Dariel Fernandez, the husband of Coral Gables Assistant Community Recreation Department Director Carolina Vester; and Orlando Lamas.

This afternoon, Coral Gables Commissioner Jorge L. Fors, Jr. will be adding his name to the list of candidates.

“I feel like I’m being called to duty and it’s bigger than me- can’t shrink in the moment. An opportunity to truly deliver for my hometown even if it means making a personal sacrifice. Weighed it out and I’m going,” said Fors to Gables Insider.

Fors’ candidacy will require his resignation from the Coral Gables City Commission in November. At that point, the remaining Commissioners will need to appoint someone to serve out the remainder of his term.


23 thoughts on “Commissioner Jorge L. Fors, Jr. To Run For County Commission And Leave Coral Gables Commission

  1. Funny how the Banos name keeps coming up as a panacea to the current corruption. He is just a political wanna be searching for an opening.
    We need new untainted, unbeholden people on the commission or it will only be different faces/same playbook.
    We also need to question why Rhonda Anderson votes with this clown circus so often.

  2. Please call former commish Ralph Cabrera to serve. His common sense is much needed on the dais.

  3. Good riddance. No loss for the city. Rubber-stamping/yes men/puppets for developers and city administration have no place in our city. Too many of them in recent years and administrations. Like the idea of Javier Banos, bringing the third vote to get rid of the rot in the administration and appointed positions. Ariel Fernandez would be a great one too, another third vote, however, think about it, he is more effective through Gables Insider as he objectively unmasks and exposes the rot for all of us to read and decide in the ballot box. There is no better proof about how our city’s quality of life has degraded than taking a walk around your neighborhood and seeing the numerous cracked and uneven sidewalks, some of which have been patched with asphalt (third-world fix by the present administration), city fountains dirty, mossy and pumps not working, street lights for which we pay FP&L to maintain out and rusting, not to mention what this administration has done with the street name signs that have been dug up and literally just thrown in the proximity, the unkempt landscaping for the infamous Segovia Flowers, both of which are fading and have the appearance of abandoned metal structures for which we are paying a dear annual amount, among other obvious decay. Oh but yes, we continue to sell out to developers with direct Tier 1 support from the Trias Team, concocting justifications with the developers’ highly paid cadre of zoning attorneys (all of us know the names) who literally do the thinking for the team, justifying more buildings, density and making a mockery of our codes and when all else fails, just saying it was a mistake voted on with no repercussion for the authors of the mistake. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? That is the state of our city today, however, all is not lost, instead of expressing our opinions using pseudo names, let us be bold and have our voices heard. Let us confront the vicious canine and rid our city of the mismanagement rabies that prevail within the same. We can do it and we will. We will not idly stand by and allow our city to become a ghost of its glorious and proud past because of the unscrupulous actions of a handful of newbies and carpetbaggers in recent years who do not understand what quality of life is and means. This resignation is most welcomed and a great fit for the next role, should he win. Bon Voyage. The resigning mindset has no fit in our oasis, the City Beautiful, rather in the jungle, Miami-Dade County. Happy Mother’s Day to all privileged to have the honor. Stay safe.

  4. Former Chair of CG Planning and Zoning Board as well as Chair of Code Enforcement Board. I was a candidate for the City Commission and served as President of the Sunrise Harbour Homeowners Association. Now, I am a retired dentist working part time as Deputy Chief of Forensic Odontology at the Miami Dade Medical Examiner Department. PERFECT CANDIDATE for the vacant seat on the Coral Gables Commission!

  5. Thank God! He blocked Pines Davis annexation to Gables and then lied about it.

  6. With Fors’ resignation, the small-thinking mayor and the small-time lawyers/ commissioners should think seriously they too will not be re-elected. Time is now ripe for them to look for another job. Peter Iglesias will be out too. Maybe the City of Moscow has an opening. He would fit in nicely.

  7. If Fors is confident of his election prospects to a city commissioner, then he should vacate his CG commissioner’s position today. It is unlikely that he could effectively be a CG commissioner, maintain a lawyers practice and politic for a new public office simultaneously. Step down now from CG. Pursue your manifest destiny.

  8. Fors says he is being called to do this? I think he’s being called to diet.

  9. Bye Jorge! Now don’t be surprised when Javier Banos finally sits on the CG commission.

  10. Fors’ replacement must finally represent the residents. Not self interest, like the mobility hub.
    No special interests, like some in the hospitality business. Represent no one but the residents.

  11. Fors resigned, saw the writing on the wall… he knows he would lose any re-election attempt in CG. See ya later! Any other’s please resign, new blood is needed.

  12. Great idea “Fed-up”. How about the Commissioners start by appointing Ariel Fernandez in November (if he is so inclined). That would be AWESOME!! The clean up the City Beautiful process could begin with a bang!!

  13. Nothing yuckier than a husband and wife politician. Didn’t believe the proud boy allegation until I looked it up myself. Is this the guy running. Holy crap. This town is wild.

    Commissioner Fors has always been a stand up guy. And by that I mean, not a crazy person like some of the others. Looks like this is going to be a walk around the park for him if he is running against this radical Trump wannabe. At a minimum, it could be good for the city. Get us more funding to convert to sewer!

    What a crazy town we live in.


  14. Aren’t there any other races that might tempt Mena & Menendez ?
    Maybe Lago also.
    Names to consider as replacements: Ariel Fernandez & Javier Banos

  15. TO “Baffled”:

    The answer to your question is “yes it is.” This was covered last week in the Herald, I believe.

  16. Fors resignation makes the City government cleaner.

    His replacement must clean the rest of City Hall, remove Peter Iglesias, Miriam Ramos, Ramon Trias, and Robert Behar.

  17. Is this the same Kevin Marino Cabrera that participated in a violent Proud Boys hate group attack on Speaker Pelosi and Donna Shalala’s office in 2018 that was denounced by the both sides of the aisle up and down the chain? How is still around. His wife, Demi, basically recently undercut her promised support of SAVE she made in return for their support of her campaign. Yikes.

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