Community Celebrates Culture At 2022 “Taste Of Carver”

Ariel Fernandez

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The COVID-19 pandemic took a large toll on an important social component for many in our community. As we find ourselves turning the corner we all seek new opportunities to experience the outdoors, reconnect with friends and make new ones.

On April 1st, George Washington Carver Elementary School held its first public event at the school since 2020, its “Taste of Carver.”

The event featured food, presentations and challenges to allow for students and families the opportunity to share and learn about different cultures.

Turnout was huge! Participants made a line to enter the school grounds and filled the central courtyard and hallways where students and parents were sharing the best their heritage had to offer.

Present was Miami-Dade County Public School Board Member who shared with Gables Insider that she was thrilled to have this event back and open to the public and how great it felt to see so many smiling children and parents at the school.

School Principal Patricia Fairclough was elated by the turnout and the support the community was showing the school.

The City of Coral Gables was one of the sponsors at the event. As you will remember, the Coral Gables School Community Relations Committee (SCRC) asked the City Commission for their assistance in authorizing a cultural grant for the event. The City’s Cultural Affairs Board had excluded the event from its approved list for 2022 funding.

The Commission’s approval went a long way and allowed for the school and PTA to put on a superb event.


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  1. Glad to see Little Carver thrive, in spite of the many headwinds from the City.
    Keep up the good work, Ariel!

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