Coral Gables Police Seek Community’s Help Finding Suspect And Reuniting Stolen Jewelry With Rightful Owners

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Coral Gables Police is seeking the community’s assistance in the capture and arrest of Carlos Gonzalez Rodriguez, a suspect wanted in connection with multiple crimes.

According to Coral Gables Police, Gonzalez Rodriguez, 35, has been captured on video perpetrating several offenses.

The investigation into Gonzalez Rodriguez’s actions is a multi-agency investigation, as he is suspected in crimes in at least Miami, Pinecrest and Coral Gables.

A search of Gonzalez Rodriguez’s last known home yielded a treasure trove of what Police believe to be stolen jewelry.

Major Raul Pedroso addressed the media last week and stated that Gonzalez Rodriguez customarily knocks on the front door of homes trying to find out if someone is home. If no one opens he proceeds to attempt entry through a rear window or door. If someone answers he states he is looking for a person, who is not the homeowner and walks away. He has also been seen taking packages from the front porches of homes.

Pedroso also explained that the Coral Gables Police is attempting to reunite the recovered jewelry with its rightful owners. Below you will find images of the recovered jewelry. Coral Gables Police asks that any member of the community who may have been a victim and identifies their stolen goods to contact Coral Gables Police Sergeant Baena by calling 305-442-1600.

You will find a gallery of the recovered jewelry below.

Gonzalez Rodriguez faces charges of Burglary to a dwelling, Grand Theft, Dealing in Stolen Property, and Criminal Mischief.

Anyone with information on Gonzalez Rodriguez’s whereabouts is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.


3 thoughts on “Coral Gables Police Seek Community’s Help Finding Suspect And Reuniting Stolen Jewelry With Rightful Owners

  1. I agree with Nick! Cops should harass suspicious characters wandering around. We need to go back to the old times with more proactive policing. The Gables & US society has lost its way pandering to the left. If the Gables won in court the pickup truck ban, why did we repeal it? We are pandering to the lowlifes. People who park on sidewalks, front lawns or in the wrong direction on swales, should be fined. The Police should stop people and simply give them warnings to scare them out of the Gables and prevent crime.

  2. NO SOLICITING! I believe this is a Coral Gables Ordinance that is NOT enforced. Why? Why do we need strange looking people roaming around the neighborhood leaving flyers or business cards for pressure cleaning, gardening, painting or other services? Especially when we are at work & our homes are empty. If not real cops, put more cameras on the streets.

  3. When on the lookout for this man, consider what he would look like clean shaven. He may have knocked on our door a few weeks ago claiming to be at our home to give a closet quote or to deliver something we had not ordered. We had two similar, unusual incidents about a week apart, so there may be another person trying the same tactics. One of the men could have been him without the facial hair. We did notify the police the second time.

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