Community Meeting Date Set For Discussion On “Burger Bob’s” Space Renovations

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Ever since its closing earlier this year, members of the community have been anxiously awaiting the opening of a new diner at the former location of Burger Bob’s.

Over the last few months, the City has been working on renovation plans with the goal of a potential reopening of the space in the fall of next year.

This week, the City’s Community Recreation Department announced that at 6:00PM on December 8th, there will be a community meeting to present drawings of the proposed changes to the space with the goal of receiving community input.

The announcement on social media reads as follows: “The City of Coral Gables invites you to attend a Community Meeting on Thursday, December 8, 2022, at 6 p.m., at the Coral Gables Adult Activity Center, 2 Andalusia Ave. To provide information regarding the renovation to the Granada Golf Course Diner space, located at 2001 Granada Blvd. For additional information please contact Coral Gables Community Recreation at 305-460-5620 or email [email protected].”

You can also attend this meeting via Zoom Webminar through this link (Register in advance to receive Zoom invite):…/reg…/WN_Xot0Vo5ETKiAQ-bazx_NxQ:


31 thoughts on “Community Meeting Date Set For Discussion On “Burger Bob’s” Space Renovations

  1. If it’s called a “diner”, it should look like one. Commissioners, Google images of real diners and re-think the design. The proposed design doesn’t resemble diners.

  2. That is incredible about the Le Petit. It is all about Money. Bring back Liberty Cafe. It goes to show that City leadership always places resident amenities Last. The big real estate developers, building inspectors, and their own salaries and needs come First. Certainly residents should bring this up at the meeting on December 8. I believe little will change until the City fires that corrupt City Manager, Iglesias.

  3. The 5 commissioners and the city manager don’t know how to govern: the mobility hub; excessive salaries to crooked, incompetent employees; destroying Burger Bob’s; etc, etc.

    The City needs new capable leaders.

  4. How long has the space been closed? How long until it reopens? Clearly not a front issue at City Hall.

  5. Many of these folks have never worked in the private sector and have no idea what true customer service is. Also, what a shame that 3 private businesses disappeared. Who’s the Socialist now.

  6. Stick a fork in it as it is done! No chance if the government is involved in running the business. Governments can only take; they do not create anything but bigger government which then takes even more private resources.

  7. Government run enterprises do not work. The socialist government run country club was proposed and passed by a Republican controlled commission and they call Democrats communists? What did we get? High prices and limited menu at the cafe and no gym.

  8. Creating one delay after another, the City Manager Peter Iglesias slowly killed Burger Bob’s.
    He should have been fired for doing that. The commissioners have his back, so we are stuck with him and them.

    Now, thanks to him and them, we have another mess. Iglesias doesn’t know how to operate a new restaurant. So, he passed the problem to the residents. A meeting about the new restaurant is a scam. The scam is the residents also don’t know how to run a restaurant. So, the final blame for the mess is put on the residents.

    How many more times must the residents suffer the trickery and self-interest from City Hall? When will there be a day of reckoning? Soon, I hope.

    Anyway, enter into a contract with someone established and successful in the restaurant business.
    If they do a good job, they will last. If not, they go under. It’s called free enterprise.

  9. Please write an article of the disappointing reopening of the CG Country club?

    From the get go there was a massive campaign against the previous tenants (I am not defending those if there were in breach of contract) but since the city took over we were told two things – prices will continue to be affordable and services will remain the same (or better). Here is the summary:

    – Gym, while the city said the pool will be reopen in Sept (that was the pitch for new members) we are in mid-Nov and still not opened. All while raising the rates compared to membership costs with the previous owners.

    – Le Park Cafe vs Liberty Cafe (previous name). To start with, even though it was said in Sept (Twitter) that opening times will be until 8pm or so, they still close at 5pm. And what about PRICES, let’s see how affordable are like the city said:

    Liberty Cafe vs Le Parc
    $2 vs $3.95 (coffe americano)
    $6 vs $15 (omelette)
    $3 vs $7 (fruit bowl)

    This are just some examples. Not to mention we are still with the soft launch menu two month after.

    Where are the affordable “resident prices”. Why a 100% price increase?

    No city accountability?
    Please report CG Insider!

  10. Based on my use of the facility, the Golf Pro Shop’s space is too big and there is no use of the outdoor space for dinning. An effort should be made to proportion more interior space to the diner, and provide for outdoor dining. This should make the space more appealing to whomever runs the restaurant and our community guest.

  11. This looks like generic restaurant design 101. No character, no warmth, nothing that says come in
    and sit awhile.

  12. @Gables Man

    The City is renovating it because a few naysayers ran off the ONLY credible operator that responded to the public bids put out by the City last year (only 2 bids were even submitted). And what’s worse is that not only will the City be renovating it, but they will do so at the expense of city resident taxpayers! Bad results all the way around. And why? Because despite all the “public outcry” for the old Burger Bob’s, no one came to its rescue. And this result was a known, foregone conclusion to anyone who bothered to give the matter *real thought* at the time, but alas the courage to do what’s right was lacking. Now matters are worse.

  13. I am for what GY said, but let’s have also a heated sausage, egg, and cheese on an english muffin at beeakfast time;

  14. Why is the City renovating it? Do they know how a restaurant works? Shouldn’t that be up to the operator?

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