UM Frost School of Music Opera Theater Students Present For The Coral Gables Music Club

Official Press Release of the Coral Gables Music Club

In late October, eight students from the Frost Opera Theater performed for the members of the Coral Gables Music Club at the Coral Gables Congregational Church. 

They presented a medley of arias from Opera composers Donizetti, Puccini and Mahler as well as songs from famous Broadway shows such as South Pacific and Carousel by Rogers and Hammerstein.

Under the direction of Musical Program Director, Alan Johnson and Stage Director, Jeffrey Buchman, the Opera Theater Program at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami offers all Vocal Performance majors from the freshman year throughout their Doctoral studies opportunities to perform. There are currently 45 students in the program. They are a talented, diverse and international group from as far as South Africa, China, Taiwan and throughout the United States.

The next upcoming performance will take place on Wednesday, November 16 and Thursday, November 17. They will perform “Frost Opera Theater Travel to Seville”. 

Seville is a Sister City of Coral Gables! This is part of the Fall Opera Scenes Program presented by the Frost Opera Theater Department. 


1 thought on “UM Frost School of Music Opera Theater Students Present For The Coral Gables Music Club

  1. I get CG Insider founder has an agenda but ca you please make an article of the disappointing to say the least reopening of the CG Country club?

    From the get go there was a massive campaign against the previous tenants (I am not defending those if there were in breach of contract) but since the city took over we were told two things – prices will continue to be affordable and services will remain the same (or better). Here is the summary:

    – Gym, while the city said the pool will be reopen in Sept (that was the pitch for new members) we are in mid-Nov and still not opened. All while raising the rates compared to membership costs with the previous owners.

    – Le Park Cafe vs Liberty Cafe (previous name). To start with, even though it was said in Sept (Twitter) that opening times will be until 8pm or so, they still close at 5pm. And what about PRICES, let’s see how affordable are like the city said:

    Liberty Cafe vs Le Parc
    $2 vs $3.95 (coffe americano)
    $6 vs $15 (omelette)
    $3 vs $7 (fruit bowl)

    This are just some examples. Not to mention we are still with the soft launch menu two month after.

    Where are the affordable “resident prices”. Why a 100% price increase?

    No city accountability?

    Please report CG Insider!

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