Cooking Our Way Home: Familia Kitchen Cookbook Book Reading Friday At Books And Books

Lisa Hunt Stevens and Kim Caviness of are coming to Coral Gables to launch The Familia Kitchen Cookbook, an authentic collection of Latino family recipes, on Friday, Oct. 7 at Books and Books in the Gables.

The mission of Familia Kitchen is to gather, preserve and celebrate families’ favorite recipes, how to tips, and cooking techniques brought by Latinos to the U.S. from 20 Latin American and  Caribbean Spanish-speaking homelands.

This project has been successful connecting abuelas with GenXers, Millenials, and the Tok-Tok generation. There’s Tite Rosa’s Arroz con Pollo (from Puerto Rico) and Golita’s Essential Guacamole (from Mexico).

The book definitively speaks to homecooks of all skill levels, and ages…including working parents and grandparents who want to pass on their family recipes. 

The cookbook’s family dishes include recipes the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, in addition to Mexico, Puerto Rico…as well as many recipes from Miami!

The book reading will take place at Books & Books (265 Aragon Avenue) in the Gables on Friday October 7th at 6:30PM.


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