Coral Gables and West Miami Join Forces To Fight Human Trafficking

The City of West Miami, at their January 15th Commission Meeting, unanimously passed a resolution sponsored by Commissioner Eric Diaz-Padron approving an inter-local and mutual aid agreement between the City of West Miami and the City of Coral Gables providing for the creation of a Joint Enforcement Zone, provision of law enforcement services and creating a multi-agency anti-prostitution and human trafficking task force.

The City of Coral Gables has an existing mutual aid agreement the City of Miami. Likewise, the City of West Miami last year entered into a mutual aid agreement with the City of Miami. Therefore the recent move completes the chain required for the most effective and transparent policing of the 8th street corridor shared by the three cities.

“We are one-community and this type of crime has no borders.” said Coral Gables Vice Mayor Vince Lago who addressed the West Miami commission. Lago also highlighted the legislation that he passed in Coral Gables prohibiting hourly rentals for motels within city limits.

Coral Gables Chief of Police, Ed Hudak, addressing the West Miami Commission

Coral Gables Chief of Police, Ed Hudak, also addressed the West Miami City Commission by highlighting the exceptional relationship both cities have and the timing of this agreement with the Super Bowl just weeks away.


3 thoughts on “Coral Gables and West Miami Join Forces To Fight Human Trafficking

  1. This alliance could not have been better timed with the onslaught of Superbowl activities at our backdoor. Surely Katherine Fernandez Rundle and her HT teams welcome the support of our city working with Miami and West Miami.
    Great news!!

  2. This is a blessing to put your efforts to help those who are powerless to find another way to live. This could be their saving grace to get them off the street and out of those motels. God bless our City of West Miami for the work our governing party is doing.

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