Important Commission Vote – January 14th Meeting

F-4: A Resolution of the City Commission of Coral Gables, Florida granting conditional use approval pursuant to Zoning Code Article 4, “Zoning Districts,” Division 2, “Overlay and Special Purpose Districts,” Section 4-208.A.3(a), “Residential Infill Regulations (RIR),” for a multi-family building on property zoned Multi-Family 2 (MF2) legally described as Lots 18 thru 21, Block 23 of Douglas Section (23, 27, 31, and 35 Sidonia Avenue); including required conditions; providing for severability, repealer, and an effective date. (12 11 19 PZB recommended approval with conditions, Vote 6-0).

Mayor Valdes-FauliVice Mayor LagoCommissioner KeonCommissioner MenaCommissioner Fors



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