Coral Gables Exhibits At CES International Tech Show in Las Vegas

From January 7 to January 10, the City of Coral Gables exhibited its Smart City technology at the 2020 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Coral Gables was the only City in the United States to exhibit and one of only two internationally (the second being Fukuoka City, Japan).

The City’s delegation of three was led by Information Technology Director, Raimundo Rodulfo, who said the following regarding the City’s participation, “The City’s participation in CES was very successful and productive. We gained tremendous insights on how to advance Coral Gables as a world-class smart city, expanding our new technologies and economic opportunities,” he said. “The Coral Gables community will benefit from this experience as our staff can’t wait to put into practice all the lessons learned.”

The City added the following regarding its participation on a Facebook article released earlier this week, “For the benefit of our residents and stakeholders, City staff hosted an exhibition booth and attended multiple sessions on how to create and continue public/private partnerships for smart city ecosystems, analyzing current challenges and opportunities and absorbing invaluable knowledge on latest tech innovations, such as infrastructure technology, 5G and autonomous vehicles, Downtown smart district, enhancing our innovation hub, among other high level projects.”

They added, “The City of Coral Gables exhibition booth provided great exposure and outreach opportunities to meet with distinguished guests from international trade delegations, and academic researchers from various universities. Renowned expert Dr. Sokwoo Rhee from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and head of its global smart cities program, was impressed by the City’s latest smart city technologies and project portfolio and complimented the City’s use of engineering frameworks to improve the quality of life in The City Beautiful. During a session panel, in which he later participated, Dr. Rhee highlighted Coral Gables as a national role model for smart city programs.”

The cost for the City’s travel and participation in CES was approximately $12,100.


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  1. I am really impressed with our City’s continuous interest in showcasing everything that is happening here. I am also glad that our staff is learning everything new that is out there, but ……….. If we are so great and going to these conferences, exhibitions, etc., etc. is so important, why haven’t we gotten corporate sponsors instead of using city funds? Do we REALLY need to send such a large number of staff members to attend? Isn’t it interesting that Coral Gables was the only US city to attend? Only two from the whole WORLD? Are we so arrogant that we think we are the only ones that are so interested? Could it be that other cities, both national and international, have a different set of priorities as to how public money is to be spent? I urge Gables Insider to go a little farther and request information about ALL the money spent in the last fiscal year, or calendar year for that matter, to participate in conferences, professional or not, representing the City Beautiful. I am sure most of our residents would be interested to know how our public money is managed!!!

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