Coral Gables Art Cinema Innovates Moviegoing In Digital Age With $250,000 Knight Foundation Grant

Official Press Release of Coral Gables Art Cinema

As Coral Gables Art Cinema readies to build a second screen in 2023, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation announced a $250,000 digital infrastructure grant to equip the new auditorium with a 4K and DCP-compliant digital projection system to ensure a superior moviegoer exhibition experience. Knight Foundation funds will also support a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) production suite to provide filmmakers and video creators with free or low-cost industry-standard files of their content, which is prohibitively expensive for many independent creators and students.

With the Knight Foundation grant, Coral Gables Art Cinema now reaches the fundraising goal of its More Than A Cinema capital campaign, which was launched to provide funds to grow the cinema’s footprint and respond to increased audience attendance and desire for more varied simultaneous content.

“We are grateful to the Knight Foundation for supporting our mission to inspire, engage, and enhance our community through the powerful medium of film and our efforts to find new ways to connect with our community in the digital age,” said Brenda Moe, executive director and programming director, Coral Gables Art Cinema. “The funding will support broadcasting and state-of-the-art streaming studio equipment in our new theater and send crystal-clear HD and 4K video over long distances—technology that is key to telling the stories of our world in real time.”

The cinema’s new auditorium will be located at 240 Aragon Avenue, just steps from the current cinema space at 260 Aragon Avenue and will feature a deluxe auditorium, large modern lobby, café, and additional offices. The expansion builds on the cinema’s 12 years of success and enhances the organization’s commitment to the community by making it possible for the cinema to continue its world-class programming, education, and community investment initiatives for future generations.

“As technology advances, it has an impact on all aspects of the arts, including production, creation, presentation, commerce, and experience. This is also true in film. The opportunity is to increase the Coral Gables Art Cinema’s capacity, allowing it to improve the audience experience, diversify the types of films it can show, and increase earned revenue and reach.” said Victoria Rogers, Knight’s Vice President for the Arts.

Funding from Knight Foundation will help the cinema grow its community by forging new partnerships and enriching existing relationships with other organizations through new events and across exciting activations throughout the calendar year. The cinema will advance local and independent storytelling and provide opportunities to increase visual literacy, which is vital in helping us interpret the images that surround us daily on screens of all sizes.

On November 28, 2022, Knight Foundation announced a total of $40.7 million in new multiyear investments in local arts organizations and initiatives, that use technology in their practices to enhance the way art is produced, shared, and experienced. Knight Foundation’s 2022 arts investments in Miami are situated at the intersection of art and technology. By funding the application of technology to the creation, dissemination and experience of art, Knight Foundation seeks to support artists and institutions as they use new tools to attract, retain and grow audiences.


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  1. It is refreshing to see the Knight Foundation supporting something other than the latest woke agenda or DEI initiative. Hopefully it continues. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if this grant came with strings attached. No more screenings of “Gone with the Wind”?

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