Coral Gables Garden Club: Garden Therapy At Crystal Academy

Official Press Release of the Coral Gables Garden Club

Coral Gables Garden Club giving back to the community has always been a part of its 98-year history.  City beautification, and educating the residents on horticulture, floral design, and environmental issues are a big part of their mission. Their scholarship program was established to encourage the development of research, documentation, and teaching skills in the fields of horticulture, botany, landscape design, conservation, environmental studies, sea-level rise, coral reef restoration, or any other natural science subject.

 Garden Therapy is also an outreach program that Chair Carmen Cason has been organizing for the club, for the last several years and is most rewarding for the members of the club. “In all my years in my foreign service life, I worked with all different types of people and circumstances. It is very rewarding to share a small activity that makes people happy, and you can make a difference in a person’s life, whether it is the elderly, disabled, or children.”

 On November 22nd   the club spent the morning with the students of Crystal Academy. A small school located off of Ponce De Leon Blvd at 107 Antilla Ave. They specialize in teaching children with autism and other disabilities. The mission at Crystal Academy School is to develop and nurture a child’s individualized ability while meeting the needs of the child through academics, evidence-based services, and socialization with peers.

Carmen arranged a floral design activity for 40 students with a fall theme, just in time for the Thanksgiving table.  Members came to help Carmen, the director Mary Palacio Pike and her loving youthful staff with preparations and to engage with the students. “The students were so happy to participate, loved the flowers, and loved being with all of the volunteers from the Coral Gables Garden Club.”  We will be participating with this school more as it was appreciated by the staff and students and was a rewarding activity for our volunteers. We also will be attending their Christmas Play on December 14th at City Hall.” Says club President Susan Rodriguez. 

In the spring the club will be working with the elderly at the Riviera Rehabilitation center and hope to have more activities with Crystal academy. Find out more about the club by visiting


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