It’s Back! Iconic JohnMartin’s Reopens On Miracle Mile

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It’s official, the long awaited reopening of Coral Gables’ iconic JohnMartin’s is here.

Shut down at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, JohnMartin’s had been a staple on Miracle Mile and was missed by its faithful patrons. But now, it has been refreshed and is back with a very similar feel.

In a press release, owner Breakwater Hospitality Group had this to say:

“Coral Gables’ iconic JohnMartin’s, one of South Florida’s longest-running restaurants, has reopened its doors after shuttering nearly three years ago.Continuing the legacy of the original founders John Clarke and Martin Lynch, who opened the bar on Miami’s Miracle Mile in 1989, the revamped JohnMartin’s remains the quintessential Irish pub for today and beyond, with updates inspired by the unique melting pot of Miami. Redesigned by award-winning design firm Bigtime Design Studios, the two-story, 7,000 square-foot venue pays homage to the original JohnMartin’s while creating a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere that’s both contemporary and enduring. It reopens under the leadership of industry veterans Emi Guerra and Alex Mantecon of Breakwater Hospitality Group, the minds behind Miami entertainment staple The Wharf, and Erick Passo, owner of Downtown’s Black Market Miami.

‘t is a great privilege to be able to reopen JohnMartin’s and carry on the legacy with the blessing of the original founders John Clarke and Martin Lynch,’said Emi Guerra, co-founder of Breakwater Hospitality Group. ‘The significance of this beloved watering hole and gathering place cannot be overstated. It brought life to Miracle Mile at a time when there was none there and became a go-to spot in the community.’

‘JohnMartin’s has always been near and dear to our hearts, both as Miami locals and as business owners in the hospitality industry with a long held admiration for what John and Martin created here on Miracle Mile over 30 years ago,’ said Alex Mantecon, co-founder of Breakwater Hospitality Group. ‘When we embarked on this project we knew we had very big shoes to fill, and it was important to us that the sense of community and feeling of belonging be at the forefront of every decision we made. We are so grateful to our amazing partners who have helped us bring new life to this incredibly special place.’

Bigtime Design Studios led the renovation of the 31-year-old pub. The design concept speaks to the historic roots of the original heritage of John and Martin while we connect with the future of tastemakers and merry makers; for foodies and laymen alike; the quintessential Irish Pub for today and beyond. The updated venue fuses old and new by showcasing original millwork and architectural elements of the building and eclectic furnishings from the era repurposed for contemporary socializing. New details like a sleek black-and-white color scheme, an airy indoor garden, and pops of lush greenery provide a modern yet timeless feel. Flooded with light and a sense of airiness a moss covered brick wall is bordered by contemporary portraits of John and Martin, keeping a watchful and approving eye over this decidedly unique concept.

‘Our task was for guests to be able to easily recognize the original JohnMartin’s while delivering a completely fresh and uniquely timeless style that would distinguish it from any other Irish pub guests have seen,’ said Bigtime Design Studios designer, Callin Fortis. ‘Using the building’s history and previous owners’ heritage as a point of inspiration, many original features of the space have been repurposed as tributes to the past made new by incorporating them into this fresh contemporary design. Past and present come together for a dynamic rebirth that we think will appeal to everyone who walks through the doors for years to come, whether they’ve been coming to JohnMartin’s for decades or discovering it for the first time.’

Upon entering, diners are immediately transported to an elevated Irish pub that’s imbued with nostalgia yet decidedly contemporary. Coffered ceilings throughout evoke a sense of tradition, brought into the present with fresh white paint with red trim, and the floors are made of white and green mosaic tiles, giving the space an upscale and timeless feel. Guests are greeted by a grand 43-foot-long bar boasting black-painted wainscoting and gleaming white quartz countertop, lined by brass and navy upholstered barstools. Along the back wall, antique mirrors and a historical centerpiece from the original millwork are a fond reminder of the venue’s previous incarnation, juxtaposed with modern flat-screen TVs lining the wall for sports fans to watch their team play on game day – an essential function of any bona fide Irish pub. Next to the bar is a small stage for live performances, a new addition, made from light wood.

One of the most impactful new features is the addition of a 34-seat indoor garden designed with a skylight that spans the entire ceiling, allowing sunlight to pour into the room to create a bright energizing atmosphere. As guests continue making their way through the first floor, they’ll find a 50-seat dining room with barrel vaulting covered in a damask pattern along one wall, with gold, beige, and brown tones and oak wood paneling throughout. At the very back of the venue, a small dart room with an exposed brick wall playfully painted the colors of the Irish flag provides a safe place for fun and games. Upstairs, the revamped venue has a brand new private dining area with its own bar and restrooms.

Opening daily at 11:30 a.m., the restaurant serves lunch and dinner, with extensive food offerings including a selection of Irish fan favorites, appetizers, salads, sandwiches, flatbreads, and “afters” for dessert. Dishes range from traditional staples like Shepherd’s pie and fish and chips to more inventive offerings including Guinness glazed meatballs and duck flatbread, as well as mouthwatering burgers and crowd-pleasing entrees like Irish whiskey chicken breast and baby back ribs. An extensive menu of spirits, including more than 300 types of whiskey, as well as beers, wines, seltzers, champagne, and specialty cocktails such as the Shamrock Shake and the Miracle Mile Margarita, just to name a few.

The venue will offer an exclusive, invite-only JohnMartin’s Whiskey Society. Catering to those with a passion for quality spirits and bespoke experiences, this private society comes with a plethora of benefits including: personal whiskey lockers, members only experiences, prioritized dining service, and other perks.

The building that houses JohnMartin’s is owned by Miami-based Terranova Corporation, which aims to create a multi-functional environment in Downtown Coral Gables. Miracle Mile in Downtown Coral Gables is one of South Florida’s most sought-after destinations, featuring renowned restaurants, art galleries, boutiques and a live theater in a lushly tree-lined streetscape.

‘“’We’ve always aimed to offer vibrant and practical urban spaces that fit right into the mold of Miracle Mile, where people can revel in all the area has to offer, and JohnMartin’s has always been an integral part of that vision,’”’ said Stephen Bittel, Terranova Chairman. ‘“’We’re pleased to see new life breathed into this iconic venue and expect it will enjoy great success for decades to come.’

JohnMartin’s is located at 253 Miracle Mile in Coral Gables. The restaurant opens daily at 11:30 a.m. It closes at 2 a.m. Sundays through Thursdays, and closes at 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Additional information can be found at” 


10 thoughts on “It’s Back! Iconic JohnMartin’s Reopens On Miracle Mile

  1. This is great! People will get used to the “facelift.” Now can we also bring back Tarpon Bend? Another very missed CG favorite. Please??!

  2. The mile is washed up with it’s high failure businesses no matter what’s done to improve it. Love watching the current gop battle of losers deathsantis & tramp. FL economy envies those of NY-Kathy Hochuli & CA-Gavin Newsome with latter ranked top 10 in world.

  3. My son and friends visited and were unimpressed. They are all 30somethings and said they won’t bother to go back. They all loved the original John Martins. They said the only thing similar is the name. From the pictures, the decor does not appeal to me. But, that’s just my opinion.

  4. Was not impressed with flavor profiles , or atmospheric vibe and they would do well to keep it as reminiscent as they can ….its curiosity that will bring people in BUT it’s the FOOD that will bring them back !

  5. What a bunch of nasty and a political pundit comments on here, when the article is celebrating the reopening of a Miracle Mile institution. Many congratulations to the new owners of JohnMartin’s… I look forward to visiting there this week.

  6. Shame on you Mr Holmes. I dare say you did not lose a family member to Covid. Many people died because of FL policies. But hey you made money….

  7. It’s good to see it’s reopened but the Breakwater group really need to rethink that menu. It’s almost 2023, where are the plant based options? When visiting real pubs in Ireland and the UK one can see many meals offered for vegan and vegetarian diners. Get with the times John Martin’s!
    I wish them great success.
    “ sláinte is táinte”

  8. Alex Mantecon… The same guy who’s been milking The Wharf site without proper permits for almost five years now. Thanks to being good friends with Francis “Crypto Kid” Suarez. Tell who your friends are and…

  9. Thank you for your excellent article.

    I dare say the South Florida retail industry, including Miracle Mile, owes incredible gratitude to “Open for Business” Governor Ron DeSantis.

    Compare Covid 19 restriction devastated New York City, and California. Thanks to Ron DeSantis’s “Open for Business” governance, their billionnaires, and businesses, make MIAMI THE BEST COVID ECONOMIC RECOVERY AREA IN THE UNITED STATES.

    Retail is still down by some 10% — e g count Miracle mile vacancies at 15+ % — but compare that with the economic devastation of New York and California.


    Jackson Rip Holmes

  10. The best thing to happen to the Mile since 2008.
    We lost a lot of small retailers and then the idiots on the Commission redesigned the Mile and eliminated parking. Let’s hope this is the beginning of the Mile’s rebirth and the end of tacky franchise crap that floods the Mile now.

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