COVID-19 Testing Site Reduces Hours, As City’s Numbers Spike

The State of Florida and Miami-Dade County have both been experiencing shrinking numbers in new COVID-19 cases.

However, the City of Coral Gables has not followed the same trend. Over the last seven days, the State has reported 257 new cases in Coral Gables. This is the highest single 7-day period since the beginning of the pandemic.

Surprisingly, the City, which had previously stated they were seeking to expand testing, has actually decided to reduce the number testing hours on the single day it is offered.

The City bases its decision on what they consider a lack of demand. The lack of demand is driven by the lack of availability. Residents who are symptomatic in some cases need to wait 7 days to get tested at the City’s site, for a virus that is best abated with early detection.

Despite most municipalities being able to offer daily testing, City administration has only sought to expand testing by one day with its current provider. City Manager Peter Iglesias, as reported, did not see a need for any City offered testing.

In contrast, as reported earlier, the Town of Miami Lakes’ Town Manager was able to setup a 7-day testing site within a week of its Council vote.

Coral Gables reported this week that 34 residents were tested with no positive cases.

If you are symptomatic and need testing, the City asks that you visit to sign up for testing Wednesday of next week.


8 thoughts on “COVID-19 Testing Site Reduces Hours, As City’s Numbers Spike

  1. Go get it done for free at Tropical Park and stop complaining. If you don’t like the City’s approach, move out of it. Seems everything posted lately is hate or whine. Someone posted Miami Lakes has it right. Maybe you can move to Miami Lakes. Or Montana.

  2. Why should anyone be surprised? The City Beautiful’s administration has not been in favor of testing from the very beginning while doing its best trying to keep any information related to covid cases as under wraps as possible. The Miami Herald covered the closing of summer camps in many municipalities a few weeks ago. Did you read anything about Coral Gables? Did that make you think that our camps were going on as scheduled? Well, you would have been wrong! It did happen here also, but we were very good at keeping the news people unaware.
    Please remember that our administration does not like any bad news that could make the City look like everyone else! Could that be why so many “settlements” are signed when employees leave for any reason? Could that be “hush money?”
    As to charging for testing, please understand that these have been difficult economic times for every municipality, and unlike the others, Coral Gables has not seen any need for furloughs, lay offs, etc. The big salaried employees keep getting their big money, the consultants keep getting paid, the settlements continue to get signed, ie., everything is as normal as possible in the spending front. One difference, garbage fees went up, albeit minimally, and yes we charge for testing!! Some say it may be a way to keep our numbers down. Who knows?

  3. Why in the world would you limit testing. You should be expanding it and contact tracing. What in the hell is wrong with the Coral Gables government

  4. Why in the world would you limit testing? You should expand it and contact trace. What in the hell is the matter with this government.

  5. While the City of Coral Gables is charging for COVID-19 testing, Miami-Dade and State of Florida are performing testing for free at Marlins Park and other locations. Download the app Gov2Go to your phone, sign up and make an appointment. Results are ready in 120 minutes or less.

    Go get tested if you think you have been exposed or have symptoms.

  6. State reports 257 new cases in Coral Gables over the last seven days and Coral Gables reported that 34 residents were tested with no positive case this week???

    Waiting 7 days for results and at a cost of $95, it doesn’t surprise anyone that demand is low,

    Coral Gables should be better than these!!

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