Suspected Package Thieves Caught On Camera: Be On The Lookout

The theft of packages from front porches has long been an issue throughout the country. With more people ordering from online retailers, package thieves have preyed on homes with packages sitting on their front porches.

Coral Gables residents have been victims of this growing scheme.

On Thursday, August 13th, two packages were stolen from a home in the North Coral Gables area near the Granada Golf Course.

Security cameras captured the suspect in action, along with a getaway driver in a 2006-2013 silver colored Mercedes S-Class.

The security footage shows the passenger exiting the vehicle and walking to the front porch of the home, while the getaway driver parks the vehicle on the lawn and pops the trunk open in time for the passenger to drop the package off, then return to pick up a second package and drive away.

Anyone with information on the vehicle or the driver or passenger are asked to reach out to Coral Gables Police at 305-442-1600.


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