Data Dump? Coral Gables Numbers Rise By 720 New Cases On One Day

On Friday, September 11th, the State of Florida’s Department of Health released its daily numbers of COVID-19 cases by municipality and the City of Coral Gables had seen a rise from September 10th by 720 cases.

To that point, Coral Gables was seeing a steady decline in agreement with numbers being reflected by the State of Florida and Miami-Dade County.

Numbers prior to September 11, 2020.

The numbers once again seemed to normalize on September 12th, when the State reported 13 new cases and September 13th with 9 new cases.

Gables Insider has reached out to the State’s Department of Health to inquire as to the reason for the spike, but no response has been received to date.

Numbers since September 12, 2020.

5 thoughts on “Data Dump? Coral Gables Numbers Rise By 720 New Cases On One Day

  1. In municipalities around the country local officials have severely limited their local university’s student footprint and authorized their activities. The Coral Gables commission has been AWOL regarding the UM issue. Shame on you, commissioners.

  2. Death numbers, please. Case numbers merely suggest more people tested.
    And–News Flash–the testing (positive) also finds the leftover antibodies from when someone had a cold or the flu from decades back….in addition to an actual CV-19 virus.
    Stop scaring folks.

  3. There is no way students are going to stop partying and gathering. Hopefully their parents or grandparents do not pay the price for their stupidity and contract Covid-19.

  4. My guess is that UM students who had as of last week 300 cases were dumped at once and raised the curve. I hope those students start obeying the Covid rules. Glad that the UM President has taken serious steps with students who do not obey the rules.

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