Important Special Commission Meeting on Zoning Code Tomorrow At 9:00AM

Tomorrow, Tuesday (9/15) at 9:00AM, there will be a special commission meeting on updates to the zoning code.

There are two important zoning code items before the Commission, which will address controversial changes to the City’s zoning code.

Public Comment will be allowed at tomorrow’s meeting regarding the zoning code items via zoom.

Also being discussed will be the rules and procedures for upcoming commission meetings or ‘hybrid’ meetings.

Click the following link to attend

Click Here for the Agenda.


4 thoughts on “Important Special Commission Meeting on Zoning Code Tomorrow At 9:00AM

  1. My wife and I are both long-term residents of The City of Coral Gables. we are both practicing attorneys.

    We are both totally OPPOSED to item No. 20-1650: (a) The title is illegal in that it insufficiently describes the content of the legislation, and is therefore misleading; and (2) substantively, we both OPPOSE and reject the proposed ordinance changes.

    See to it that our positions are known. Neither of is is/will be available to participate in any “ZOOM”-based presentation.

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