DeSantis: Vaccine Age Eligibility Moving To 40+ On March 29 And 18+ On April 5

On Thursday, March 25th, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced changes to COVID-19 vaccine eligibility.

The Governor announced that beginning Monday, March 29th, the State of Florida’s eligibility based on age will be lowered to all residents 40 years of age or older.

The eligibility will further be expanded on April 5th to all adults in the state.

In the state, 5,205,239 residents have received at least one dose of the vaccine, with 2,853,667 having completed their vaccine doses. 658,209 Miami-Dade County residents have received at least one dose and 328,883 have completed their vaccine doses.

The state has created a vaccine locator on its site, for residents to find local vaccine administration locations.


4 thoughts on “DeSantis: Vaccine Age Eligibility Moving To 40+ On March 29 And 18+ On April 5

  1. Hi Lulie. They are prioritizing all teachers and those with underlying conditions but appointments should start to open up in next 3 weeks or so. You did exactly what you had to do which is preregister. You will be contacted soon. Stay safe!

  2. All sound good. I am 60+, want to get vaccine, and have tried pre-register, have been trying to book appointment at websites of Jackson hospital, CVS and Publix for almost a week, and all are fully booked in Miami-dade. So clearly availability is still very limited. Any tips how to get the appointment?

  3. Continue to wear masks. These vaccines will keep one immune for 3 months. Although the vaccine could possibly protect the body for longer, there is no data. Booster shots will most likely be administered once per year. Open for business does not mean drop your guard. We are nowhere near ending this pandemic.

  4. We have the best Governor in the Country and our vaccine roll out has been organized and smooth. Our State is open for business, our taxes are still low without a State Income tax and our Covid stats are the same, apples to apples, with other States that have been locked down for almost a year. Compare us to California, New York, Pennsylvania etc. and we are blessed to be lead by such a competent leader. Yes, there have been some stumbles, but remember, this pandemic is new to everyone worldwide, and is uncharted territory in modern times. Thank you DeSantis !!

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