COVID-19: A Year Later

On March 22, 2020, the first four cases of COVID-19 were reported in Coral Gables residents.

Since then, an additional 7,594 residents have tested positive for COVID-19, including the City’s Mayor, ranking it 48th out of 410 municipalities in the State.

Although the numbers of Gables residents who have died and those who have recovered has not been released by the State of Florida Department of Emergency Management, the City of 50,000 has seen its fair share of COVID casualties.

The road back to normalcy has begun, even though it is a new normal. A normal knowing the heavy human toll paid during this pandemic, as well as the heavy financial toll.

Life is getting back to normal though. The growing availability of the vaccine and herd immunity have played a role in many returning to their pre-pandemic activities. The days of uncertainty and concerns for safety are beginning to move behind us, but the need for caution remains.

But we owe the slow flattening of our municipal curve to ourselves for heeding warnings and taking the necessary precautions.


3 thoughts on “COVID-19: A Year Later

  1. I agree with Mr. Jack Thompson’s comment on city not enforcing mask mandates. Why not?

  2. I see restaurants both inside and outside replete with people not wearing masks and all piled up on top .of each other. I reserve the names of many other restaurants. No six feet distance whatsoever, especially on the Giralda restaurant block. and many other restaurants. How is this going to prevent spread of covid? How am I protected as a resident?

  3. More people have been infected in Coral Gables than would have been if our Commission had enforced our mask-up ordinance. Thanks for nothing, Commission.

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