Feb 23 Commission Meeting Digest

Click Here for a full copy of the Agenda and supporting documentation for each item.

To watch the meeting LIVE: https://zoom.us/j/3054466800 . Anyone can address the commission for (3) minutes before the start of business promptly at 9am

Below is a satire digest a-la-Insider for what we expect will take place at the upcoming meeting. Enjoy!

  • Ortanique on The Mile – The City Manager wants authorization to write-off past due tax-assessments and defaulted rent of over $175,000. The City hired Holland & Knight (only the best! $$$) and they suggested it’s not cost-effective to move forward and try to collect.
  • Enforcement on the Waterway (Sponsored by Commissioner Mena) – we’re guessing this has to do with the devastating news of the deceased baby manatee that made local Nextdoor.com news last week. Our waterways are packed with manatees this time of year and any encounter with a propeller at any speed is deadly. Maybe more boating restrictions during manatee season in the canals is needed?
  • The Manager will give an update on stormwater filters and purification program for the Riviera outfall upstream drainage program.
  • TIME CERTAIN 10:00AM – Commissioner Pat Keon is bringing back the Lawn Fertilizer Ban on second reading. Her first sustainability legislation is not allowing residents to use fertilizer during the rainy seasons, when the grass grows and completely ignoring the largest users of fertilizer – golf courses!  We think this is a good step forward to prevent nutrients in our water table albeit unenforceable. However it does not take a big enough bite at the true contributors and heavy users of fertilizers.

1 thought on “Feb 23 Commission Meeting Digest

  1. Why is Commissioner Mena bringing up an item that has never been brought to attention of the Waterway Advisory Board??
    Does he even know enough about what is going on in the Waterway??
    We are dealing or trying to charter operations being run out of private[rented] residences, etc. as well as other speed related issues, like NO Wake signs[there are none], etc.
    Commissioners ned ot use the Boards that have been created, NO??

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