First Reading Of New Miracle Mile Zoning Change Set For Tuesday (3/9)

Following last month’s sunshine workshop where the Commission instructed staff to proceed with a new proposal on the zoning changes to the Miracle Mile, the first reading of this new proposal will come before the City Commission at Tuesday’s meeting.

What has been dubbed as the “compromise” plan by Coral Gables Magazine and the Miami Herald, seems to have left one thing out, the clear message sent by residents that they do not wish for any changes to be made to the Mile.

The zoning changes are scheduled for a time-certain of 5:00PM.

Additionally, beginning at 1:00PM, the City Commission will hear the following highlighted agenda items:

  • Cocoplum Phase 1 Special Taxing District for additional lighting in the area.
  • Remote Parking
  • Resolution appointing Commissioner Jorge Fors Jr. to serve as ex officio member of Coral Gables Bar Association.
  • Resolution by Vice Mayor Vince Lago adopting a policy regarding removal of trees on City right-of-way by City Staff.
  • Resolution to approve the last remaining 10 year leas of Actor’s Playhouse at the Miracle Theater.
  • Discussion regarding outdoor live music on private property in the Central Business District, sponsored by Commissioner Mike Mena

Click Here for the FULL AGENDA.


10 thoughts on “First Reading Of New Miracle Mile Zoning Change Set For Tuesday (3/9)

  1. Many of the proposed changes would only drive residents away and attract crowds and traffic that will diminish our quality of life and make this a transient area. Coral Gables is in a unique position to remain differentiated in a very valuable way. Would consider other nuanced changes that enhance its beauty, elegance, functionality, sustainability and the quality of life it offers. Let’s be thoughtful, not greedy.

  2. I am in favor of the change to 3 floors and the 4th an open air something or other which maybe blocked by the planting of trees so that whatever is up there will not be visible to the street or to other buildings that may be built later with this zoning change.

    I am not in favor of multi-family resident buildings nor hotels built on the Mile. To suggest that multi living families would be comfortable living on the Mile is questionable! Children will not be able to learn to roller skate – ride bikes – play with their pets – and whatever comes up with family life….tossing footballs – making baskets in hoops – neat family stuff…sleep-overs with tents in the back yard.

    I hope that the Commission will reconsider and somehow bring back our comfortable lovely Miracle Mile.

    The Mile was a place where residents could casually shop, look into a variety of shops, find new and exciting items stop for lunch … a comfortable way of life …not pushed by trying to cross the street with loads of traffic – cabs going back and forth – people in a hurry – Please think this out….don’t make us New York City.

  3. NO to amplified music outdoors anywhere in Coral Gables. First Mayor Raul increased the decibel level allowed and now anti-community Mena wants to drive the final coffin into our peace and quiet by ensuring everyone within 1,000 feet has to hear the cheap music!

  4. Miracle Mile is perfect just the way it is. You have done a beautiful job upgrading the streets and lighting. Don’t F with a great thing. If you want to zone other areas fine, but WHY the actual mile is just not what the residents want. Please listen to us, we are the ones who live and enjoy our local Mile.

  5. My family moved here from IL a little over a year ago. We could have lived anywhere. We toured at least five different higher-end areas of Miami and surrounding, and when it came time to sit down and choose where to plant new roots, we all chose Coral Gables, hands down. My kids actually agreed on something for once.

    Maybe it’s hard to see how special it is for people who have lived here a long time. It shines like a diamond compared to other “nice neighborhoods.” Doing anything to take away from the charm of this city is a huge mistake.

  6. Looking forward to getting the zoning changes approved. The same-ol folks have spoken and spoken and the people we elected should decide. Stop the grand- standing already.

  7. Thanks for highlighting how the people’s desire which has been made perfectly clear to the commission over and over and over (but has been TOTALLY ignored by them and by staff and yes, also by the 2 publications which you mentioned in your article). Indeed there has been an overwhelming response from residents who continue to say they DO NOT wish for ANY changes to be made in the zoning code to the mile. NONE.

    And what exactly related to remote parking will be discussed at the 1pm agenda VS the 5:00 pm agenda on March 9th? It is not clear from the published agenda and very suspicious if all related to remote parking is not discussed at the SAME time??

  8. No ! To zoning changes
    Residents of the City Beautiful do not want zoning changes!!!!

  9. No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No…….
    What part of NO do you not understand. We are not in support of the zoning changes and we are the people who you work for. You do not work for the developers. Again, no to zoning changes.

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