As April Election Nears, Second Candidate Forum Set For Thursday (3/11)


The Coral Gables municipal is just over 5 weeks away. With 13 candidates vying for three seats.

This Thursday, the Coral Gables Chamber and the University of Miami will be holding the second candidate forum on Thursday, March 11th beginning at 6:00PM.

The forum will take a different, social distanced format, as only candidates, the moderator and a small group of guests will be allowed in the room. Members of the public will be able to watch virtually, as the forum will be carried live through the University of Miami’s zoom account, as well as the Coral Gables Chamber’s Facebook page.

The City will be filming the event and carry it on Coral Gables TV on Friday, at a time to be determined.

The first candidate forum was held in February by the Coral Gables Democrats.

The final forum will take place on March 18th, when candidates participate virtually in the Coral Gables Schools PTSAs/Gables Insider Forum.

Residents interested in submitting questions for this forum are encouraged to do so to [email protected].


7 thoughts on “As April Election Nears, Second Candidate Forum Set For Thursday (3/11)

  1. Keon obviously won that round. Lago came off as angry and self-absorbed, while she was calm and provided strong answers. Let’s see how the next debate goes.

  2. I am not on Facebook. Why don’t you publish the code for getting into the UM zoom account?

  3. It is my understanding that as Coral Gables residents, we’re required to maintain our swale. I say “our swale” because it’s our community, in the City of Coral Gables, shared responsibly with our lots. How are we to maintain our swales if we can’t place any kind of barriers to stop people from parking on and killing our vegetation due to legislation language establishing the swale as a “public right of way”. Yet if the resident (occupant leasing or owning) places respecters, coral rocks, buttons or landscaping signage to deter parking, they’re subject to being at the mercy of code enforcement officials that forget their official capacity and often deface the office with such unprofessional behavior (namely L. Schwartz). We are being targeted for dead roots and other vegetation because of the damage caused by vehicles. Being that this is scientifically sound claim. Why would the city not help us and re-implement “No Parking” signs. This legislation is contradictory and should not be enforced until revisited by proper parliamentary procedure. Who can help? You’ll get a ton of green votes. Not just mine.

  4. I would encourage all candidates to move us forward as a desirable environmentally protected city whether elected or not. * phasing out blowers and movers to electric for a start and then removing the Blowers all together. *The city require all lawn service register with the city of Coral Gables to do business here. Perhaps giving them an incentive to go electric.
    Moving forward I feel the city may want to consider using Drones for any big event (July 4th) instead of the noisy polluting Fire Works. Less noise & less pollution.

  5. Ms Frost,

    We need to consider taking your suggestion one step further:

    What about the candidates committing to ***getting rid of*** the sculptures on Segovia’s traffic circles?

  6. Will any of the candidates ever respond to questions that they ask for, I know Vincent Lago has never responded to mine except to acknowledge that they were received about lighting questions in Cocoplum phase 1.

  7. Will any of the candidates commit to reviewing, if elected, the color deterioration of the sculpture at the Segovia traffic circle on Biltmore Way?

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