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Miami takes a 2-0 lead against cross-town rivals for the bragging rights of being the “King of the 305”. In a game that saw many errors (called and not called), a razzle-dazzle play, squeeze bunts, questionable calls, and even a coach being thrown out, Miami managed to work their way through it, thanks to one inning. End of the 6th, Miami was trailing 7-6, and the starting pitcher Ashton Crowther was already relieved after 4.1 innings having given up 6 runs on 8 hits. Miami once again had to turn to the BP early to stop the number of runs being squandered from the lack of a quality pitcher. They Entered the 7th. Twelve batters make their rounds around the bases collecting 6 runs on just 3 hits turning the back-and-forth contest into a runaway victory. The Panthers were not able to respond as the BP of Scinta, Walters, and Caba held them scoreless for the remaining three innings giving the Canes the much-needed mid-week victory 14-7.

Miami drew first blood in the first with Blake’s one-out double coming home on a hard liner by Dorian getting under the glove of the first baseman. A clear double but ruled an error by the official scorer.  Regardless, Miami takes a 1-0 lead.

This was not to last as the Panther’s answer in their half of the first with one of their own. Ashton walked the initial batter and on an attempted P/O throws wide of first and the runner made it to third on the throwing error. The next batter singles and the score is tied at one.

Sloppy ball on both sides and only the first inning. Errors would continue throughout the game ending with a total of 8 recorded but could have easily been higher.

After a cold weekend in frozen Indiana, the Miami bats started warming up in the third with a lead-off single by Blake followed by Daniel Cuvet’s double giving Miami runners on 2nd and 3rd no-outs. Dorian gave the Canes their second run on a SF to left. Jason Torres adds to the total with a single to left-center giving the Cane a three spot for the inning and a 4-1 cushion for Ashton to hold onto.

No lead is safe for the Canes and as quickly as they held a 3-run lead, it disappeared as quickly. This is thanks to JD Urso and his throwing arm which opened a can of worms. The error opened the door and Ashton ensured the door remained open for three runs on three hits. One error and poor pitching resulted in a tie game at four. The offense works overtime to get the runs and between the defense and whoever is on the rubber ensures that the lead does not last.

Not to be discouraged, the offense returns to what they can do best getting back two runs without even getting a hit. Jacoby opens with a walk and a fielding error by the third baseman both runners are safe. Edgardo lays down a sacrifice bunt advancing both runners (2nd,3rd). A walk to Cyr loads the bases. Shallow fly to right, Jacoby relies on his speed to tag up from 3rd to score. This is where it gets interesting. Urso is now on third after the SF. Panther pitcher is contesting that Jacoby left early and with his foot not on the rubber throws to third. Urso breaks for home and looks like a clear out. Instead, the home plate ump calls no play and Urso returns to third. The pitcher is now on the rubber and repeats the appeal. Again, Urso breaks for home uncontested and scores. The manager for FIU charges out of the dugout and a heated discussion ensues. After all the dust has settled and no one except for the home plate umpire understood what just happened the Canes retake the lead by two.

No lead is safe when we are discussing the Canes. Either pitching or defense comes into play. This time it is the defense. A throwing error by Cuvet at third gets the lead-off batter standing on second. SAC advances him to 3rd with a SF to complete the scenario to bring the Panthers to within one. One inning later a massive HR over the scoreboard to tie the score at 6 and sends Crowther to the showers.

Ben Chestnutt comes in relief and completes the inning without further damage. Ben Returns in the 6th but would last three batters. The lead-off batter strikes out followed by a recorded single to Urso who couldn’t make the throw to first due to zero throwing arm. JD can hit, and run the bases, but just can’t play the position. Every time a ball is hit at him you hold your breath, like you did last year with Cyr playing second, wondering about his throw or whether he will even secure the ball. Runner now on first is followed to right center bringing JD out of the dugout to bring in Scinta (matchup: lefty/lefty). Good Theory, bad results. RBI single giving the Panthers the lead 7-6.

Miami is once again in catch-up mode. Cyr opens the inning with a walk. Daniel’s ball hits the third base bag bouncing into LF allowing Blake to make it to third and Daniel standing at second with a double. A WP sets the wheels in motion as the first of 6 runs that would follow. A couple of walks and HP would load the bases for Carlos Perez. Carlos walks bringing in the second run. Bases remain loaded. Jacoby Long, already with one hit and a walk tonight doubles bringing in two runs. Men on 2nd and 3rd. Urso lays down a SAC to first who elects to throw home but Perez beats the throw to the plate. Runners on the corners. Urso sets up the razzle/dazzle trying to draw the throw to second while Long at third sneaks home. The play works to perfection as Long steals home, Urso returns safely to first and the FIU manager storms out of the dugout to once again argue with the umpire on the call. The manager had too much to say and ended up getting ejected from the game. No video replay. Inning Concluded with a pair of strikeouts (Daniel,Dorian) with the BL. However, damage was done. 12 batters came to the plate coming away with 6 runs on just 3 hits. The Panthers would have no response.

Their half of the 7th, trailing by 5, Chris Scinta still on the hill. He hits the first 2 batters faced and you can almost feel the handwriting on the wall. Carlos Perez with the pickoff at first quickly puts the threat to rest with Scinta regrouping striking out the last two batters looking.

Miami would add an insurance run in the 9th complements of the Panthers pitcher and their 5th error. Opening walk to Urso. WP and alertness on JD part gets him to third by the lack of awareness by the catcher. Edgardo brings him home on a 6-3 groundout. Costello PH for Cyr is hit by pitch. Daniel reaches first on a fielding error by 3B advancing Costello to 3rd. Torres gives the Canes its 14th run scoring Costello on an RBI single to center.

Walters came in to pitch the 8th and Myles Caba the 9th. Each had a 3up/3down inning.

Offensively, they took advantage of the errors from the Panthers. With RISP they continue to have their difficulties. They were just 3-16 (.188) which they are going to have to do a lot better against Clemson this weekend. The same with the defense. They won’t be able to get away with not being more consistent with their hitting or being sloppy in the field. There were no HRs tonight under very favorable conditions with the wind blowing out in left. The HR is going to have to play a factor if we intend to keep up with Clemson. Four with multiple hits: Blake Cyr 2-2, Daniel Cuvet 2-5, Jacoby Long 2-4, and Jason Torres 3-5. Three players with doubles: Daniel Cuvet (2), Blake Cyr, and Jacoby Long. 

Third-rank Tigers this weekend with the first pitch Thursday at 7PM. If we don’t play to perfection and are not able to move the line, expect a long weekend. We can’t make the mistakes we had tonight or the consequences will be unforgivable 



  1. Very young team, pitching and defense will have their ups and downs. They do play 27 outs.

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