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Miami avoided the sweep but it took extra innings to do so. Despite ineffective pitching putting the Canes in the hole twice, the Offensive bats complemented by a solid defense overcame this handicap coming back from a 6-run deficit with 8 runs in the 5th only to see the BP(Closer) flounder away the 2-run lead in the 8th to take the game into extra innings. The offense again went to work in the 10th to salvage a win. The opening walk to Edgardo opened the door and the Canes would not close it until 2 runs were put on the board. Irish responded in the bottom half with the tying run on first, two outs, and David Glancey stepping to the plate. Glancey with 2 HRs today, aiming for #3, and as with the first two HRs a strong wind blowing out in left.

The outfield did a bit of shuffling with Jacoby Long taking over center moving Edgardo Villegas to right. the move would have dramatic results with two Sport Center moments from Jacoby and one from Blake in left.  

The Canes started strong with Edgardo’s lead-off double, but the Canes’ nemesis, their inability to move the line, rendered its ugly head once again.  The opportunity was lost with Torres grounding out with runners on the corners.

Sunday starter the Hialeah Fire, Herick Hernandez on the mound hoping to give a better showing from last week’s outing not getting through the 3rd giving up five runs. Breezed through the first 1.2 innings thanks to Jacoby Long’s diving catch to open the first followed by Blake’s similar sacrificing body catch to open the second denying both lead-off batters at least a double. Nothing Blake could do to take away the Irish’s first hit down the left-field line for a two-out double.

Edgardo’s lead-off double in the first, inspired Miami’s aggressiveness in the third with a lead-off single by Antonio Jimenez. Back to the top of the order, Edgardo lays down a perfect SAC and beats it out to first putting runners on first and second, no outs. Blake flies out to right advancing Antonio to third bringing Daniel Cuvet to the plate. Runners on the corners, Shallow fly in foul territory caught by the second baseman. Miami being aggressive Antonio tags from third and should have been out a good 15 feet from the plate but the throw is off-line and the catcher is not able to hold onto the ball after colliding with Jimenez for the first score of the game.

The offense gave Hernandez one run to work with, and as quickly Hernandez not only lost the one run but added two more for the Irish. The third inning was the beginning of the end for Herick Hernandez. The first 4 batters reach base successfully (double,single,PB,RBI single,HP) to load the bases; nobody out. Torres attempts a DP on a grounder back to him but the relay by Dorian gets past Torres(E4) two more runs cross the plate giving the Irish the lead 3-1.

JD decided to stick with Herick in the 4th not wanting to go to our questionable BP this early. He would soon regret this decision. A pair of singles and a walk loaded the bases with two outs. David Glancey to bat. A favorable wind blowing out to left. Herick runs the count to 1-1 and the next pitch in the record books for a Grand Slam HR giving the Irish high hopes of a sweep having now a 7-run lead (8-1). 

No one passed this information to the Cardiac Canes as they were determined not to be swept despite our pitching. Once again, they start the long climb back. Jake Kulikowski would begin the climb with a lead-off walk. A single and walk (Jimenez,Edgardo) followed to load the bases. Blake gets hit and the first of 8 runs to cross the plate in the 5th. Both Covet and Gonzalez single for an additional two-runs and the first out comes on Torre’s ground out 1-3 but still scoring a run. Scanlon added another run with a single bringing the 7-run deficit to 1. Jacoby Long’s 352 foot drive to left puts the Canes from one run down to 2 runs up. Eight runs on 5 hits. In one inning, twice the total runs from our prior two days combined

Having thrown a 30-pitch 4th inning, surprisingly, JD decides to stick with Herick with a pitch count of 79. JD, playing the odds and is probably fearful of going to the BP this early. Surprisingly Herick’s best inning striking out 3 of the 4 batters faced.

Two-run lead holding into the 8th after a 3up/3down 6th and 7th, Miami adds an insurance run scoring on a PB with runners on 2nd and 3rd (HP,W,SAC)

Three-run cushion with our so-called Closer on the rubber. Spoiled by Andrew Walters, a Closer he is not. Two back-to-back singles to open the 8th. Strikeout, RBI double. The runner a bit overzealous in his running was not paying attention, similar to Covet yesterday, ran to 3rd not aware that there was still a base runner on 3rd. Scientific fact: two objects can not occupy the same spot at the same time. Relay 9-2 tags out the runner at third and the runner from second returns to second. That mistake cost them the game. Glancey next to bat delivers his 2nd HR of the day to tie the score at 10.

Miami threatened in the 9th with runners on 1st and 2nd two outs but remained scoreless. The BP was quiet. It was Robert’s game to win or lose. After almost losing it in the 8th retired the side to take the game into extra innings.

The Irish were sticking with  Bennett Flynn who came into pitch in the 8th. An opening walk to Edgardo, a WP has Edgardo on second, Blake with a successful SAC advancing Edgardo to 3rd. Daniel with a go-ahead RBI single to right. Dorian advances Daniel to third with a single through the right side. Torres gives an additional insurance run with a SF to center.

The offense did their job, but can Nick? Robert showed why JD stuck with him as Closer getting the 1st two batters before giving up a single setting up for the climatic finish with David Glancey, the tying run, stepping up to the plate, with 2 HRs to his credit today. Three pitches, three strikes. Victory.

Never say never for the offense. Despite terrible pitching. Our defense along with convincing bats prevented what could have been an embarrassing sweep. The offense batted .342 overall and 5-14 with RISP. ND 6 of their 10 runs were scored with 2 outs to our none. Four with multiple hits: Daniel Covet, Dorian Gonzalez, Jacoby Long, and Antonio Jimenez all with two hits. Of the 14 hits one for extra bases besides Jacoby’s 3RBI HR. Edgardo with the only double. 

Defensively the OF shined with a couple of great catches by Jacoby and Blake. Antonio also made a run-saving play at short in the 4th preventing a ball from reaching the outfield. The play was quickly forgotten on Glancey’s GS that followed. 

Pitching is not worth the effort to discuss. We have a questionable starting rotation as well as the BP. Rafe and Gage each gave us 6 innings and overall did what needed to be done in getting us past 6 innings. Herick another story. Second week and the Hialeah Fire was a flameout by the 3rd. Not going to win many games unless our offense can find a way to stay ahead of the number of runs our pitching crew gives away.

Tuesday, the second game of the 305 Rivalry at FIU. Start time 6PM


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