FPL Conducting Drone Assessments Over Coral Gables

Over the next few weeks, FPL will be conducting drone assessments of their power infrastructure in South Florida.

Residents of Coral Gables may have received recorded calls from FPL over the last two weeks informing them of a 10-day window when FPL drones would be flying over their homes and taking images and video of powerlines in their area.

FPL informed Gables Insider that this is part of a new method of using technology to assist in assessing the conditions of their infrastructure. “Drones can safely and quickly deliver high quality photos and videos of our power lines while minimizing environmental impact. We use drones to perform maintenance inspections to identify areas of concern before an outage can occur.”

“We are committed to the privacy of our customers in all aspects of our business. Our drones only capture visuals of FPL power equipment, including poles and powerlines. Drone pilots conduct pre-flight safety checks and follow other FAA guidelines for safe operations.

For more information about the drone assessments, please visit this FPL website.

Photo courtesy of FPL.


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  1. Did drone/s fly over homes in Coral Gables between Oviedo and Veragua on Nov.16, 2021 around 11:30 PM? Heard buzzing sound, roof and walls vibrated. I call it an air quake vs. earthquake. Thank you

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