Fun In The Gables: Sun Stories On Giralda

We all took our selfies under Umbrella Sky. Tourists came from all around to see this artistic masterpiece. Once it was gone, the City sought a new art exhibit to take its place. Enter: Sun Stories!

From London to Bangkok, Viena to New York, the works of Miami artist, Jessy Nite, have sought to use of sun to create impressive displays of color. Sun Stories does just that, while also including messages displayed onto Giralda.

Over 2,000 letters form this hanging display and the words can be seen throughout the day. According to Nite herself, “ProTip: go before or after mid day, and the angle of the sun will project color alllll over u!” (posted on her twitter account).

The art display will be fun with the entire family, as young ones can find letters and colors all over the ground!

Gables Insider tip: If you are taking a picture from below, remember the words are mirror images of the ground, so flip that image to mirror view!

Sun Stories will be on display through September 30th.

So head out to Giralda and be covered by Sun Stories!


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