Gables COVID Testing Site Update

The commission asked the city manager on June 29th to explore re-opening the COVID-19 test site in Coral Gables due to the increase in cases. Commissioner Mike Mena brought up the item at the June 29th sunshine meeting, as cases were rising in the county and in the city.

Since then, Coral Gables has broken daily record of cases within the city twice. There have been 473 of positive cases in Coral Gables according to the Florida Department of Health, 183 since that meeting.

After various inquires to the city, City Manger Peter Iglesias confirmed to Gables Insider he and his team would be presenting an update on COVID-19 commission at the July 14th meeting. If the plan is to pass-through the test costs to patients, the manager has no objections to re-open the site. “We’re looking at approximately $80 a test.” says Iglesias.

Previously the city offered COVID-19 testing at no charge to residents and spent $100,000 testing approximately 1,000 residents.

By the time the city opened the site the first time, it was the end of April and the state was under full lock-down for about 6 weeks with only essential businesses open. City Hall insiders tell us there was disappointment in that only two residents tested positive during that 30 day period. The city decided to shut down the testing site just before Phase I of the re-opening plan in which experts at all levels predicted an increase in number of cases and a continued need for testing.

“I look forward to re-opening a test site within city limits to provide what I believe is an essential part of government which is peace-of-mind.” Said Vice Mayor Vince Lago. He added,“I have received numerous calls and emails as we have re-opened parts of our economy, cases have gone up and understandably some are nervous.”

The item will be taken up next Tuesday, July 14th. You can watch the meeting live by clicking here.


16 thoughts on “Gables COVID Testing Site Update

  1. I think opening the site is a good idea. I would pay the $80. No charge is better though.

  2. Government wants economy to open. It could have been a safe process if cities followed regulated phases. Some cities did well, and some cities hurried and now we face consequences. Consequences that affect neighbor cities and so on.
    Some citizens r helping communities with SD and wearing masks and some others refuse SD and refuse to wear masks. It is complicated. Having said that, federal government should cover the costs and the city of Coral Gables should offer tests Without Costs to its citizens. I’m sure coral Gables will make the right decision.

  3. I was tested by Gables first service at age 78 and very strongly support reopening virus testing even if small charge for Gables residents and no outsiders.

  4. What a weak group of leaders. Disappointed. We pay some of the biggest tax bills, we allow huge new buildings in areas that are smaller than a hankie …and during an emergency they twiddle their thumbs.

  5. Will non Gables residents be able to get tested? I think people who work in the Gables should be allowed to get tested at the Gables site – and understand charging – but doesn’t make sense to let the people who work and enter Gables to get tested?

  6. 1. This is not a government site, we are not the government. we’re private and independent. 2. We moderate comments because of hackers and anonymous posters using foul language which we do not allow.

    Your comment is approved!

  7. What is the logic of this POST if it has to be moderated ? As far as I know is called censorship and is not Constitutional; there is something called Freedom of Expression and is granted by the Constitution mostly for Government sites

  8. Of course Mr. Mena, let’s keep expending on lights, decorations and all the important things instead of providing a service to Coral Gables citizens that pay taxes.
    If they are so concerned about money; perhaps the commissioners should consider FORCING THE EMPTY STORES OWNERS IN MIRACLE MILE (about 50%) to reduce rent or fine them if not being used in a short period of time.; so the CITY can get dedicate resources to USEFUL things

  9. Interesting. It could be the anti-body test was faulty. Did you have any symptoms? What prompted you to get tested?

  10. Half of Coral Gables will be wiped away before the City commission makes up their minds. I know how I’m voting next time.

  11. If they do the new testing they should be aware of the number of false positives and false negatives. I took the test at the CG test site on May 1st and was notified the following day that I was COVID-19 positive. I went into isolation for 14 days and then was re-tested twice and both came negative. On May 28th I did the blood test for anti-bodies which said I was negative, meaning I never had the virus. The same laboratory, Bio-Collections, took my blood sample and later reported: “We have decided since the FDA is recalling so many of the antibody
    tests we are not going to move forward with that testing at this time.“. How accurate are these tests? How many more like me are there?

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