Gables Insider Partners With MOXY For Important Coral Gables Research Poll

Ariel Fernandez

Founder & Editor
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Gables Insider has partnered with MOXY for an important research poll on a wide range of topics related to the City of Coral Gables.

Since our founding, Gables Insider has made it a point to learn more about you and the issues that you are facing. On several occasions we have had survey questions and small polls to gauge our readership’s thoughts on specific topics.

Earlier this month, provided the opportunity to join forces with community engagement platform, MOXY, Gables Insider took the opportunity and starting today, you can begin to share your ideas about Coral Gables.

What Is MOXY?

The platform was created by former municipal and Apple employee, Cesar Melgoza, who sought to promote civic engagement and provide legislative information to constituents. (Watch Leaders & Coffee interview with Melgoza).

MOXY provides an opportunity for elected officials to engage with constituents through the platform, which provides features subscribers are familiar with such as, a news feed, stories and even podcasts. It uses your address to link you with your government representatives.

It also allows for subscribers to see individual legislation and how their representatives voted on each item. Subscribers can also rate and review their elected officials.

“Coral Gables residents are passionate about their city and its tranquil lifestyle – as MOXY’s home base, it is fitting to gauge the sentiment of Gables residents on a wide range of issues and we are very pleased to team up with Gables Insider on the outreach.  You can take the survey within MOXY or via direct web link and we look forward to publishing the report, facilitating the constructive dialog that follows.”

Participate in the Poll

The poll will be running for a limited time. We encourage you to take the opportunity to share your thoughts with us.


7 thoughts on “Gables Insider Partners With MOXY For Important Coral Gables Research Poll

  1. We also offer a temporary Guest Pass with somewhat limited functionality which doesn’t require any user information. However, posting content and viewing Reps, Legislation, Local News requires address. MOXY is free with optional upgrades to a Premium and Power user configuration. Additionally, we offer configurations for elected officials (Reps), Candidates and Organizations.

  2. Hello Michael, Gabriel and E Menendez – we originally aimed to provide the option to respond to the survey directly or from within MOXY but there was a slight misunderstanding and now the poll image links to the direct link. Existing MOXY users can respond either way.

    The info required for sign up is very basic – full name, DOB, email and address (used to organize jurisdictions, legislation, Reps and certain messages) and party affiliation (none is an option). In order to post content, we require address verification by GPS once (simply being at home while using the app/web) to help prevent using false identity. Other more detailed fields are optional at registration (you can skip).

    We’re very pleased to team up with Gables Insider on hyper local content and look forward to deepening the local content – especially since our home base is Coral Gables.

    Feel free to send any feedback to [email protected].

  3. Thank you for providing the direct link to the poll. It is unfortunate that online companies demand information in exchange for allowing us to participate in a poll, especially when the information being provided by us is being given freely and of value. But for the direct link I would not have participated in this poll.

  4. Sorry, Gabriel, I started signing up, but they asked for WAAAAAY too much information, so I stopped the process. But, unfortunately, they already have some of my personal information.

  5. Unfortunately it requires us download yet another app. I support inclusive civic engagement to the fullest but I’m weary of another app that may or may not yield statistically significant results. The only statistically significant survey performed in memory was the Community Survey by the City under Cathy Swanson. When the results did not match the agenda of the loud minority, no one spoke of the statistically significant survey again. Pass.

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