Gables Village: Luxury Development Approved

Official Press Release of MG Developer

Gables Village, a 48-unit Seville-inspired residential community that will pay homage to George Merrick’s Coral Gables legacy and history in the form of shaded tree-lined streets, plazas, parks, and fountains has just been approved unanimously by the city commission of Coral Gables.

“It’s an exemplary designed building project. I’ve had the pleasure of being in this business to see the level of finish that is being provided by the developer and the architect. They are not skimping on any corners. When you take a walk through the developer’s other projects, you are seeing thoughtfulness and the consideration for a lot of our heritage”, said Coral Gables, Mayor Vince Lago. “I welcome this type of product in the city and think that it’s very beneficial for a lot of families.”

The developer for this Gables Village is MG Developer, who recently completed Biltmore Square, a luxury village development in the heart of Coral Gables.

“MG Developer is committed to the beautification of the city,” says MG developer Aliro Torrealba.

Located at 535 Santander Avenue, the village will consist of duplexes, townhouses, and condominiums set throughout 17 lots, replacing the existing rental apartments bordered by Malaga Avenue, Santander Avenue, Segovia Street, and Hernando Street. Inspired by Merrick’s seven villages, Gables Village will be built in a Mediterranean Revival-style Architecture, designed by De La Guardia Victoria Architects & Urbanists, and bordered by gardens inspired by the alcoves in the Plaza de España. It will also have nice visual experiences for pedestrians who enjoy walks in the neighborhood creating a walkway for a public right of away.

“Gables Village stems from the conviction that the fundamental unit of design and architecture is not an individual building but as the city as a whole, and to the ideal of civic art and town building for the well-being of individuals and community alike,” says Maria de La Guardia, principal at De la Guardia Victoria Architects.

Now in its planning stage, Gables Village will integrate gardens and courtyards throughout an entire block, with 50 percent of the site expected to include lush landscaping and hidden parking garages featuring an artistic component that complements the entire Coral Gables area. The assembly of the project pays homage to the city’s past while building for modern-day luxurious comforts. The $50 million development has an expected completion date of 2024.

The development will include townhomes, duplexes, lofts, flats, and an archway with raised residences above ground level, creating a distinct welcoming feeling into the Gables Village enclave.

“From my perspective, this is one of the highest quality, nicest project I’ve seen presented in the city since I’ve been here, frankly only rivaled by few, and some of them are other projects by this developer,” said City Commissioner Vice Mayor Michael Mena.


24 thoughts on “Gables Village: Luxury Development Approved

  1. Many of my neighbors have commented below about the need for Workforce/ Affordable housing & that we are losing older affordable dwellings to ritzier new developments. Solution: Compromise with MD County, no longer seeking to annex High Pines, but ONLY Little Gables. Provide new workforce or Section A units where the Section A Trailer Park is located. Then Dade County & others have no pretext to stop the annexation. More tax revenue for the Gables, affordable, centrally located housing & increased property values for the North Gables

  2. There were two public meetings about this. They notified everyone close by via mail. And they put up signs on all Four corners of the property for months. This was not a “back room” deal. It’s in the agenda history of city meetings if you looked. Those who live close by know we were all told though.

  3. Those saying there were no public meetings or notices are wrong. There were signs up around gbe propety approx 6months to a year ago. The city also sent notices to all residents within a half mile at least. You can see it on the Agenda for a city commission meeting on Dec 7 2021. I agree there have been some questionable approvals in the past but this one was fully disclosed and shared with the public with requests for public comment at least twice and notice physically (with the signs ) and via mail.

  4. It seems Mayor Lago did not provide adequate notice to the residents about Gables Village, allowing the residents to be heard, to approve or disapprove it.

    Adequate notice allows the residents to participate in City Hall’s decisions about the residents’

    Inadequate notice implies a back-room deal.

    If it was a back-room deal, Mayor Lago has again denied the residents what they are entitled to.

    The voices of the residents, now in the Gables Insider, cannot make up for Mayor Lago’s disregard of the residents’ fundamental rights to be heard, when the plan for the Gables Village first came up for review by City Hall.

    This latest episode recalls the mobility hub where a massive petition from residents was against it but Mayor Lago was for it. There, he trampled on democracy again.


    Yes, I agree that the Gables Village project is of high quality archtecture and design, but at what cost?

    The Gables Village project seeks to demolish an entire city block –13 residences–all World War II-era garden apartment houses representing key styles of the Coral Gables Colonial Revival, Neoclassical, and/or Monterey designs. At least one apartment building is designed by notable architect William Tschumy.  All the residences were deemed not historically significant by a.stroke of a pen. An administrative decision.No public notice nor input.

    Founder George Merrick included affordable housing and garden apartments as part of the tenets of his City, as based on the Garden City and City Beautiful movements.

    This project will not only reduce affordable housing opportunities in our city but it will erase an established piece of our city’s historic built environment. As such, the Gables Village does not “pay homage to George Merrick’s Coral Gables legacy and history.”

    Please consider the detrimental effects to the environment before any more destruction of the built environment makes way for new construction.

    If the city is serious about attaining carbon neutrality in the near future …it must consider the facts such as that it takes close to 100 years to offset the carbon debt that is incurred when an existing structure is replaced.

    In the case of Gables Village, 13 structures will be replaced with new construction. In climate speak, it will take hundreds of years to offset carbon debt for ONE new village.

    Preservation is not just about saving old buildings, it is an important component in saving our planet.

    An Excerpt from the National Trust for Historic Preservation says it best:
    “Arguments that promote a practice of disposable real estate are unsustainable at best and at worst environmentally catastrophic. [There is…] embodied carbon within existing structures, [and] the fact that it can take up to 80 years to offset the carbon debt that is incurred when an existing structure is replaced, even if the new building is highly energy efficient. New buildings…will likely never offset the carbon cost of their construction. We don’t have time to simply build our way to a sustainable future.”

  6. I agree with Jessica. I am an owner and have lived in the Gables for over 50 years in a location of single family homes where 90 percent are occupied by owners. Boxes and poop bags continue to be placed in the swale. There are two poop stations that are completely disregarded as you find bags on the floor next the stations and poop on the sidewalk!

    As for this new development, has the developer taken into account the road infrastructure? There as a huge amount of traffic already between University and Alhambra on Le Jeune at all times with traffic lights causing blocking of the intersections. This will definitely be increasing the population in addition to vehicular traffic yet the roads and traffic lights remain the same? Pretty soon Coral Gables traffic will be at a standstill.

  7. There is a pile of blue dog poop bags by a tree right now. It’s not a swale. Dumping stuff by trees doesn’t turn the area into a swale. Maybe the apartment owners don’t communicate that to renters (that there is no swale for apartments) but it’s a frequent occurrence.

  8. I agree with Evan and Javier. The Gables needs more workforce development. Lots of new homes to accommodate people and give them a good quality place to live not just the elite. More height. More density. The Gables is for everyone. That was Merrick’s vision. And, all should look Mediterranean!

  9. I live in one of the apartments across the street from where this will be built. I am disappointed with this development and the upcoming displacement of the many people who live in that area. The comments that infer those of us who live in the apartments as not respecting Coral Gables are truly disrespectful. I have seen homeowners also throw the pet waste in swells—I don’t think that it is right, nor accurate, to blame all community uncleanliness only to apartment dwellers.

  10. This week’s puppet award goes to mayor vice laGO for destroying George Merrick’s plan with the
    big developer in Gables Village.

    Remember vince laGO’s also did it before with the Mobility Hub, a big glass box for cars, on Miracle Mile!

    Will he go for it again?

  11. So, how exactly is this project paying “homage to the city’s past while building for modern-day luxurious comforts” when it razed all the 17 residences within many city blocks where many people live today (exactly as Merrick intentionally planned/designed so that CG would have a variety of different types & sizes of properties) to then make room now for only a small fraction of units to accommodate the few wealthy owners who can afford the “luxurious comforts” afforded? Very twisted facts being presented by the promotion only press release that we are being fed by the developer. I, for one, do not buy this story or description for one minute.

  12. Sad that this is happening on the wrong side of Lejeune RD. I wish this would happen East of Lejeune. Over there are supermarkets, drugstores, cafes, etc. to justify the high asking prices. How dumb of me; that area is reserved for high rises. We need gentrification in the North Ponce Corridor. Too many tattoo artists & even rapists there! No wonder the police station moved North. How about annexing Little Gables? Forget High Pines, that’s really South Miami.

  13. Let’s face it: this developer is a man of taste, who had the good sense to hire an eminent and empathetic architectural firm to bring Merrick’s 100-year-old socio-aesthetic vision of interconnected urban Villages to life in a part of Coral Gables that is today becoming a new center of gravity. The major flaw in the Gables Village project is not corporate greed or alleged complicity on the part of City officials in some kind of political skulduggery, but what has been left out of the project: affordable housing for the many citizens who will be displaced as the project moves forward. I would ask — indeed beg — the developer and the City to devote a section of the new Village to those of us who cannot afford multi-million-dollar luxury homes. Inclusivity is beautiful.

  14. “Coffee with Leaders presented by MG Developer”

    So, MG Developer is a paying sponsor on this site and surprise… they get a glowing review. Conveniently, many of the usual suspects that bash development in the comments section are also giving it a thumbs up. Especially from Mr. Banos, who lied his way through his failed campaign (specifically about development). It’s uncanny how Mr. Banos is always involved when something stinks. His name fits him well.

    Talk about a pay to play scheme.

    Fellow residents, if you don’t see this site for what it is then no one can help you.

    Pete $$$

  15. Hmmm, So what happens to all the displaced residents of the rental apartments throughout these 17 lots ?
    Asking for a friend!

  16. I live in within blocks of this area and I am looking forward to it. The current residents/owners don’t respect Coral Gables rules about leash laws, picking up after your pets, and how the swales work (eg – multi housing units DONT have swales so don’t dump all your trash next to the trees). It looks like it will be a walkable area. I hope the developers have plans for what dog owners in their development will do with their dogs and have plans ahead of time.
    Looks like it will improve quality of life for the whole neighborhood.

  17. Just what the Gables needs: another “housing” development with $500K studios that only the usual suspects will be able to afford. I’m pretty sure George Merrick wanted houses that everyone could afford when he envisioned our city, far from this.

  18. MG Developers have done an outstanding job at Biltmore Square. It is a beautiful block of townhomes. The plans for their new development, Gables Village, look stunning. They are the type of buildings and landscape that will be visually attractive, fulfill this “renewal and construction” cycle we are in, and, beautify and enhance our City Beautiful! They blend in! If only some of the “uglies”
    were like these!

  19. Another scam by Mayor Lago for more over-development against the residents. Slick and sly, with a big smile, the good Mayor Lago has again maneuvered most of the residents, who look like passive sheep. The good Mayor Lago has directed them into the slaughterhouse of over-development.

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