Coffee with Leaders At Zucca Presented By MG Developer: Coral Gables Mayor Vince Lago

On this episode of Coffee with Leaders at Zucca presented by MG Developer, Gables Insider‘s Ariel Fernandez sit down with Coral Gables Mayor Vince Lago to discuss his first ten months in office and the important issues currently affecting the City Beautiful: development, public comment, the Coral Gables Country Club and Burger Bob’s, as well as the City’s upcoming centennial.


8 thoughts on “Coffee with Leaders At Zucca Presented By MG Developer: Coral Gables Mayor Vince Lago

  1. Ariel Fernandez has been criticized lately with some comments.

    I believe he is doing a good job. It takes courage and integrity to do what he does. I support him.

  2. It is so easy and safe to level criticism on folks without identifying yourselves. If you feel the need to make a nasty and disrespectful comment on a public board at least have the courage to identify yourself.

  3. I am happy that more people who see this site for what it is are speaking up. What a sham. Mr. Fernandez is not an honest broker here. Hopefully more of you will continue to be active here. It is lonely being the only dissenter.

    Greasy Lago getting called out is refreshing. He always makes me feel like I need to wash my hands after I see him.

    Coral Gables Czar
    Pete Money

  4. How do you get the Mayor to show up anywhere pretending to care?
    Throw a camera in front of him.

    How do you know the Mayor is lying?
    His lips are moving.

    How does the Mayor address his mess-ups?
    He can’t as he doesn’t have enough fingers to point at others.

  5. Agree with Michael on all points. Also here comes Brickell which will bring everything Coral Gables wasn’t meant to be not what we moved here for. Re. Country Club- they always wanted to take it over themselves. No one is fooled. It was an insult to our intelligence just like Bob’s. He really thinks a Sat trolly and a tiny short term 2nd farmers market is worth patting his back on while he’s never been a mayor for the people.

  6. Doesn’t Ariel realize his crush on Lago and brown nosing is embarrassing. Always so biased siding with the Mayor who has been one of Coral Gables biggest disappointments in leadership. Lago has never represented the people and just does what he wants. Iglesias should get the boot too. This ego trip “we know better than the residents” has to stop. He’s been a terrible mayor- not surprising as he was a two-faced liar growing up and got away with it all.

  7. As always, SLICK and SLY is mayor vince laGO. As always, despite what he says, his actions
    show he is for the big builders and against the residents in their neighborhoods: the Mobility Hub, the Wawa, Biltmore Way, Gables Village, etc. etc.

  8. Softball questions from a campaign consultant to his former client who is in the construction business, all sponsored by a developer. What about Mobility Hub and Biltmore Way up zoning? What about rising crime in North Gables? So much left undiscussed.

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