Sunshine Meeting To Discuss Parks Master Plan General Obligation Bond Referendum – Thursday 2/24 At 5:00PM

Official City of Coral Gables Notice

Please all take notice that in accordance with City of Coral Gables Code Section 2-26 and Chapter 286.011(8), there will be a Sunshine Meeting on Thursday, February 24, 2022, beginning at 5:00 P.M., at Coral Gables City Hall, Commission Chambers, located at 405 Biltmore Way, Coral Gables, FL 33134. For the purpose of discussing the Parks Master Plan General Obligation Bond Referendum.

The meeting may be attended by multiple members of the Coral Gables City Commission, City Staff, and representatives.  Pursuant to the Sunshine Law, the meeting is open to attendance by members of the public, minutes will be taken and made publicly available.

The public can attend this meeting in person or via the zoom platform:

Call In Telephone Number: (305) 461-6769

Meeting ID: 305 446 6800


6 thoughts on “Sunshine Meeting To Discuss Parks Master Plan General Obligation Bond Referendum – Thursday 2/24 At 5:00PM

  1. At the “sunshine” meeting yesterday, the City leaders wasted a lot of time. The 5 commissioners, the city manager, and the City Attorney focused on a referendum, to be decided at the next election. The referendum was for the property owners to pay $160 million to fix up the parks.

    The City leaders seem to have a hard time separating the blue laundry from the white laundry, the big problems from the small problems.

    One of the big problems is whether or not to have big buildings in certain neighborhoods.

    The answer to that big problem from7 City leaders— the 5 commissioners, the City Manager, and the City Attorney —is to defy those who say “no”, even though those who say “no” are the majority. The big buildings go up.

    So, instead of worrying about the trees and grass in the parks, the City leaders need to spend their time, correcting their bad decisions on a big problem: big buildings.

  2. By the way, since the subject of a referendum is on the table, a referendum on “no building over 5 stories” should go on the ballot in the next election. The referendum would resolve the dispute, once and for all, between those who want big buildings and those who don’t want them.

    A referendum will mean more tranquility in the City. No more petitions like the ones for the Mobility Hub; no more protests at meetings like the ones for the north side of Biltmore Way; no more comments, pro and con, for the Gables Village.

    A referendum means either the buildings up or they rest in peace. Period.

    Demand City Hall put the referendum on the ballot in the next election, this Fall.

  3. Grocery prices are going thru the ceiling. Gasoline prices are sky high. This is NOT the time for a referendum where property owners are asked to pay $160 MILLION to fix up the parks in the City. A referendum can wait until next year when the economy is perhaps better.

  4. I agree with charade. In addition, I believe no general obligation bond is needed if we take into account the vast amount of city monies received through property taxes and impact fees on new construction just to name two sources. Need more transparency how city funds are spent.

  5. Well said Charade! I could add to charade’s list of examples where the 7 public servants pretend to listen but are simply there to check the box.

    I would suggest that Ariel asks the Mayor point blank if he is aware that this is the sentiment of the majority of residents and Taxpayers!

  6. The “sunshine meeting” today is another charade.

    On one side will be many, many concerned residents against City Hall’s plan.

    On the other side will be only 7 public servants: 5 commissioners, the City manager Peter Iglesias and the City attorney, Miriam Ramos.

    The charade is the 7 public servants pretend to listen to the many, many concerned residents, leading them to believe the 7 public servants will do what the many, many concerned residents want.

    The reality is the 7 public servants will do what they want: the mobility hub, the wawa, Biltmore Way, Gables Village, etc

    The 7 public servants fool the many, many concerned residents.

    The “sunshine meeting” today is another charade.

    It is like the last “sunshine meeting”, where concerned residents did not want any more big buildings on north Biltmore Way but the public servants went ahead and approved it.

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