Great Food, Great Service, Supports Charities: Clutch Burger

We were walking on Giralda on a Saturday afternoon, looking for a place to eat. We were trying to decide what we were in the mood for when our three-year-old says, “I want to go there!”

He pointed towards a restaurant we had never been to before. I asked him, “why there buddy?” and without skipping a beat he said, “I want to go play there!”

You see this restaurant had activity tables for children outside and he was immediately captured!

We walked toward the door and a gentleman opened the door, greeted and escorted us inside. By the end of our meal we were very glad our three-year-old found this clutch burger joint.

Swolf Burger

Clutch Burger (146 Giralda Avenue) was opened by Steven and Ana Bradley one year ago. In just six months, they achieved the top spot on Yelp for “burgers” in “Miami”, a distinction they have held ever since. They also received the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce’s Outstanding Restaurateur Award.

I asked Steven Bradley why they chose Coral Gables. “The Gables chose us!  Two years ago, my wife, Ana, and I stumbled across the almost completed ‘Giralda Under The Stars’ pedestrian only street, and noticed some restaurants that were flourishing, and others that weren’t. We took a huge leap of faith and decided to open our own restaurant.  The odd thing was, we had no specific concept in mind when we signed the lease, but we were confident that any concept we created would work itself out. When we came up with the “Clutch Burger” concept with the catchy slogan “Never Basic, Always Clutch”, we knew we were on to something. We had to do something no one was doing…Use Wagyu Beef for every red meat burger we sold, along with the most fresh and top quality ingredients in everything we prepare, and an extensive beer and wine selection with no rival.”

Fork de Pork Appetizer

Their food will satisfy any pallet. Their appetizers range from Yuca cheese bites with Guava sauce to Sautèed octopus with Spanish chorizo to Grilled Duroc pork belly. Their burgers include a seared plant based impossible patty, a seared lamb patty a seared 6oz. Wagyu beef and chorizo patty and many more! (SEE MENU).

“Aside from providing the best product, we provide the best service.  We make the ‘going out’ fun again.  We have game for all ages to play, from Giant Jenga, to Connect 4, to UNO, and many more.” 

Clutch Burger also hosts a monthly charity event on the first Tuesday of the month, called “Gringo Bingo”, which benefits a different charity every month. “We not only raise money for great causes, but we also promote the other restaurants in Coral Gables through their kind donations we use for Gringo Bingo prizes. No better way to bring the community together through fun games, promotion other businesses, all while raising money for much needed causes. So far this year we have raised almost $10,000 for different charities right here in South Florida.” said Bradley. Their next event, August 6th will benefit A Safe Haven For Newborns. (SEE FLYER BELOW).

Owner Steven Bradley

So what’s next for Clutch Burger? Bradley says “now being open for just 1 year, our sights are set on location #2 and #3, as well as a Clutch Truck in the making.”  

But Coral Gables has taken this couple’s heart as Bradley shares they are “blessed to be a part of this amazing Coral Gables Community.”

Photos provided by Clutch Burger.



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