Halloween Cancelled for Santa Maria and Cocoplum

Halloween is cancelled for two of the city’s most popular trick-or-treating destinations where thousands flock in Miami-Dade to come and have a good time. The Mayor of the City of Coral Gables, Raul Valdes-Fauli, has declared an emergency order closing the streets of Cocoplum and Santa Maria to pedestrian and vehicular traffic associated with Halloween.

Effective Saturday, October 31st ad 12am until Sunday, November 1st at 8am:

  1. Santa Maria and all roads in Cocoplum shall be closed to pedestrian traffic associated with Halloween activities. “Halloween activities” include but are not limited to trick-or-treating and congregating in costume or Halloween- themed clothing.
  2. The pedestrian closure shall not apply to residents of Santa Maria or Cocoplum.
  3. Santa Maria Streets shall be closed to vehicular traffic except for traffic by residents of the Street or guests of those residents.
  4. Cocoplum shall be closed to vehicular traffic except for such traffic by residents of Cocoplum or verified guests of those residents. The verification shall be performed by the guardhouse employee on duty at the time.
  5. Enforcement. Violations of this order may be enforced with the following enforcement procedures:
  6. Verbal Warning
  7. Written Warning
  8. Code enforcement/Civil citation $100
  9. Arrest

You can click here for a full copy of the mayor’s emergency ordinance.

See Coral Gables Police Department’s Halloween safety recommendations.

Gables Insider urges everyone to follow CDC guidelines, to use common sense and to stay safe. Happy Halloween!


2 thoughts on “Halloween Cancelled for Santa Maria and Cocoplum

  1. once again, City of Coral Gables overreaches. simple decisions, like Halloween, can not be left to citizens? they have to be made by a mayor? why? I did not check my brain at the door, nor are my freedoms his to grab. Fidel Castro took our freedom in one fell swoop. these people do it a bit every day. perhaps in the hope we won’t notice.

  2. I remember the Good Old Days when UM hosted a ‘PUmpkin Pursuit” one of the few 5k races held at night. But really, thinking of hygiene as we must these days, it is incredible that not more of us got sick from collecting candies from strangers. It’s like that old cartoon or email saying, ‘how did we survive cars without air bags, rooms with lead paint, schools with asbestos, water from pipes with lead in them, etc.’ Truth is that many people were killed by all these causes, but we do not see those in the daily newspapers. The number 1 cause of death in the USA is heart disease, then cancer, but you don’t see much about them in the news.

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