Hurricane Dorian: Coral Gables Updates (Continuous)

8-30-2019 – 8:00PM Intermediate Advisory

Hurricane Dorian continues on a WNW track. The forecast track has not changed since the 5:00PM Advisory. No watches or warnings have been issued for Florida yet, but we could expect that later tonight or early tomorrow morning.

8-30-2019 – 8:00AM Intermediate Advisory

No major changes in the current conditions of Hurricane Dorian or its forecast track. We can expect Tropical Storm Watches in Florida over the next few hours.

8-30-2019 – 5:00AM Advisory

Hurricane Dorian maintains its Category 2 status, speed and direction. Forecast track brings it on shore Monday in Palm Beach/Martin County. The storm is then expected to slow down and begin shifting on a more northerly track.

8-29-2019 – 11:00PM Advisory

Hurricane Dorian has been upgraded to a Category 2 storm with maximum sustained winds of 105mph. The storm track continues to show a Monday landfall closer to South Florida as a strong Category 4 with 140mph winds. The cone of uncertainty has shown a shift to the south now covering the entire Florida Keys.

8-29-2019 – 6:00PM City Update For Businesses

The City of Coral Gables is monitoring and preparing for Hurricane Dorian, and so should our businesses and their employees. Merchants should shutter their storefronts before tropical storm winds affect our area, which is expected by 8am on Sunday. All businesses are strongly encouraged to allow their employees time to complete their personal preparations ahead of the storm. Follow the latest storm updates from the National Hurricane Center by clicking here

Merchants with outdoor dining and planters:All dining furniture, dining carts, planters, or other items on the public right of way must be removed by 8am on Sunday.  

Construction sites: All construction sites in the City must be secured, debris meshes removed, and the booms of all cranes lowered. All construction materials with a potential to become flying debris must be tied down. 

Be STORM READY… for helpful business preparation information, click here.
For the latest updates on the City services, office hours, emergency preparations, response and recovery efforts, visit  

Please contact the City’s Public Information Hotline at 305-460-5401 with any questions or concerns, and as always, dial 911 for emergencies. Be STORM READY!

8-29-2019 – 5:00PM Advisory

The 5:00PM advisory from the National Hurricane Center keeps Hurricane Dorian as a Category 1 storm with pressure, direction and speed remaining the same. What has changed is that the storm is expected to slow down later tomorrow and now landfall is expected in Florida Monday evening as a Category 4 hurricane.

Coral Gables Emergency personnel met today to ensure the City is prepared. We have confirmed that SPIN and BIRD scooters will be removed by midnight tomorrow night. Cranes have also been ordered removed.

8-29-2019 – 11:00AM Advisory

After skipping the 8:00AM intermediate advisory, the National Hurricane Center has released its 11:00AM Advisory factoring in information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Hurricane Hunter plane. The storm’s pressure has dropped slightly to 986mb with continued movement NW at 13mph and winds at 85mph. The Hurricane is now expected to reach Category 4 status. Coral Gables remains in the forecast cone, with the center of the cone projected over Vero Beach on Monday morning, a more southern projection than previous cones.

8-29-2019 – 10:00AM – VIDEO: Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho

8-29-2019 – 5:00AM Advisory

The 5:00AM Advisory from the National Hurricane Center shows a slight track change bringing the center of the storm closer to South Florida. Winds and intensity are expected to continue growing throughout the day today with Dorian reaching Category 3 strength by tonight or tomorrow, with sustained winds reaching 125mph. This would make it a major hurricane. Residents of South Florida should make necessary preparations.

8-28-2019 – 11:00PM Advisory

The 11:00PM advisory from the National Hurricane Center maintains Hurricane Dorian as a Category 1 Hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 85mph. The forecast track remains consistent with Coral Gables in the cone of uncertainty for Sunday and Monday, when Dorian is expected to be a Major Hurricane of Category 3 status.

8-28-2019 – 5:00PM Advisory

The 5:00PM advisory from the National Hurricane Center continues to place Coral Gables within the cone of uncertainty. The storm has begun intensifying and the forecast has Dorian becoming a Category 3 Hurricane before making landfall somewhere in the east coast of Florida.

The City of Coral Gables is closely monitoring Hurricane Dorian and officials met today at the city’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at approximately 2:30pm today.

Fire Chief and Emergency Manager Marcos de la Rosa told Gables Insider this afternoon that the city has begun preliminary hurricane planning because of the high level of uncertainty and unpredictable nature of this storm. The city’s planning includes preparing the necessary staffing and contacting outside vendors that partner with the city to provide supplies in the event of a storm.

“Residents should stay alert to the 6pm and 11pm news and should do their own hurricane planning – now.” said Chief de la Rosa adding that residents who are planning on trimming their trees should do so no later than Friday and only do so if the landscape service will be taking the trimmings off-site. Residents should not rely on the city to pick up any trimmings which could become projectiles in the event of a windstorm.

The city is well positioned to deal with storms. Last year the city commission approved a new part-time emergency management planner position. The position was filled by former Coral Gables Fire Chief Marc Stolzenberg, who reports to de la Rosa. Stolzenberg has over 35 years of experience and knows the city well. “Marc is a tenured and well-respected professional who has not only local but state experience and contacts.” said de la Rosa.

While the city has not activated it’s EOC, the State of Florida’s EOC is expected to be at level 1 – Full Scale Activation of State Emergency Response Team by Friday.

Gables Insider has been and will continue to be in constant contact with City officials and will continue to bring you the latest information. Please follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates on Hurricane Dorian.


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