Hurricane Ian: City Commission Meeting Cancelled; Budget Meeting Rescheduled; City Hall, Schools & Others Closed

Ariel Fernandez

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The City of Coral Gables has decided to cancel it September 28th City Commission meeting due to the potential impacts of Hurricane Ian. Items on the agenda for September 28th are being deferred to the October 11th Commission meeting.

Additionally, the City will also be rescheduling the City’s Budget Meeting to 5:00PM on Monday, October 3rd.

City Hall will be closed on Wednesday, September 28th and a decision about Thursday, September 29th will be made late Wednesday.

Non-essential personnel have been asked to remain home and all non-essential services are suspended.

Garbage pickup has also been suspended for Wednesday with a decision for Thursday to be made late Wednesday.


Miami-Dade County Public Schools have closed schools Wednesday and Thursday.

The Archdiocese of Miami has also closed schools on Wednesday, with a decision on Thursday expected late in the day on Wednesday.

Coral Gables Museum has announced it will be closed on Wednesday.

Venetian Pool will remain closed on Wednesday.

Also closed Wednesday: The Coral Gables Country Club, Le Parc Café, the War Memorial Youth Center, the Adult Activity Center and the Biltmore and Salvador Tennis Centers. Decisions on Thursday closures to be made on Wednesday.

We will update this list as new announcements are made.

Hurricane Ian

Coral Gables and all of South Florida were upgraded to a Tropical Storm Warning at 5:00PM on September 27th, with Tropical Storm forced winds potentially beginning overnight. The area is also under a Flash Flood Watch, as well as a Tornado Watch.

Residents are reminded to avoid driving in flooded streets.


6 thoughts on “Hurricane Ian: City Commission Meeting Cancelled; Budget Meeting Rescheduled; City Hall, Schools & Others Closed

  1. To Aurelio–FPL is a joke. We lost power for 6 hours yesterday in whether so tame that my kids played outside yesterday. …To Villanelle, I too am voting for Ariel, but I see no threat of communism in coral gables regardless.

  2. If it would be for Ariel, we wouldnt have anything in common to discuss. Whether you all agree or not. Ariel keeps us focused on keeping Coral Gables Communist free. He gets my vote.

  3. Tropical storm conditions? Where? 😂😂😂
    Other than obsolete transformers blowing up in 20 mph winds. The only hardening FPL has done is to its profit making—its **** hardens every time it sends us a bill!
    Just another day in paradise for City Hall. No work today.

  4. Would Lago be able to fund Ariel’s blog if elected? How would Ariel find out anything going on if Lago can’t blind copy him on emails anymore? It would be a sunshine violation if Lago continued this practice.

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