It’s Election Day: Vote

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It’s Election Day. The polls for the Coral Gables Municipal Election will be open from 7:00AM to 7:00PM.

Residents of the City of Coral Gables will be voting to elect the final member of the City Commission.

Not sure where your precinct is? Visit the Miami-Dade Elections Department website to find out.

Vote-By-Mail Ballot

If you have not already returned your Vote-By-Mail ballot, you can surrender your ballot at your precinct and vote in person.

You can also deliver it to the Miami-Dade Elections Department at 2700 NW 87 Ave in Doral before 7:00PM.

Candidate Information

The candidates in this election are Ivette Arango O’Doski and Melissa Castro.

Information about the candidates and their financial support can be found on the City website’s Election page accessible by clicking here or by clicking on each candidate’s name above.


9 thoughts on “It’s Election Day: Vote

  1. We came to find out today that Arango is a lobbyist and so is her husband. She was supported by outside money, mostly developers who she would owe favors to. Her husband was the one who got the Vice Chair of the Florida Republican Party to write a supportive email for a NON-PARTISIAN position. What a joke. And it was her PACS that sent out all the negative information on Castro, one even claiming it was from a Committee in Coral Gables that had no connection to her. They were all lies. She claimed Castro does not vote but records show Arango has barely voted herself. A hypocrite and one who will be sent off into the Sunset. Menendez, Anderson, Lago and the City Manager are next !!! This is our City, not yours to make decisions for us without using any of our input.

  2. Why do you hate me soooo much? I have brought so much to this city. Look at all the big buildings and electric scooters that cause traffic mayhem. I think I would make a great bobblehead for your dashboard.

  3. Let’s send stinky vinny a resounding message today. His days as Mayor are numbered. He is next!

  4. Let’s show L’Ego that Coral Gables elections can’t be bought. Vote for Melissa Castro!

  5. I echo the comments left by others. I’ve been barraged by negative texts — lies about Ms. Castro. I guess the almost $60,000 received after the general election can buy a lot of misinformation. Looking at the candidate funding as a barometer, it seems pretty clear who will represent all of the residents of Coral Gables. Good luck Ms. Castro. It would be refreshing to have elected officials that succeeded on their positions rather than on the amount of mud they were able to sling.

  6. I am in disbelief at the negative campaign Yvette Arango O’Doski ran for this election. I have never seen this within Coral Gables and it does not belong here. She has shown desperation with all the lies and accusations that were thrown at Ms. Castro. That alone shows me she will be a nasty negative Commissioner to anyone who disagrees with her and her rubber stamping of Lago and the rest of the bad untruthful members on the Commission. As a Republican I was very put off with the email from the Vice Chair of the Florida Republican Committee and they will hear from me today. Where do they get off speaking for me and supporting a candidate the majority of this City does not support. Arango is BAD news for this City and so is the remaining leadership. VOTE CASTRO and let us have a City for the residents, not the developers, outsiders that are owed favors and a select few who think they know what is best for us. No more blind and deaf leaders who will not listen to those they are supposed to support.

  7. Melissa Castro has the votes of Biltmore Way residents and that sends a message loud & clear! We are done with not being heard! The beginning of the end of developer control!

  8. Very disappointed about the mud slinging coming from supporters of Ivette Arango. I have received 3 texts with untruths about Melissa Castro. I guess with PAC $$$ , developers $$, realtors, and establishment politicians behind you – there are plenty of resources to send out this garbage. Vote for Melissa Castro so we can have 2 people on the Commission who are not tainted -Melissa and Ariel!

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