Lake Granada?

When founder George Merrick designed the City, Granada Golf Course was a key part of his grand design.

This weekend, South Florida was hit with torrential downpours and gusty winds that caused flooding in many parts of the City.

Granada Golf Course, was no exception.

The golf course was covered with over eight inches of water in certain parts, which made it look more like a lake than a golf course.


2 thoughts on “Lake Granada?

  1. I’ve been told that in the early days of the city, the area that would later become the golf course was an orchard that flooded seasonally. Water management structures have since eliminated all but the rare inundation.

  2. That is the way it is supposed to be. Because it’s extensive, the Granada golf course is a repository of excess water. During downpours, like hurricanes and the occasional foul weather, the course was designed low for that purpose. Compare that to the Youth Center, where flooding is anathema. it was raised a few years back and the playing diamonds kept, for the most part, wet, but not flooded.

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