Mayor Leads Sunshine Trolley Tour With Commission And Staff To Address Code Enforcement And Landscaping Issues In The City

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Gables Insider was onboard this past Monday, March 7th, as Mayor Vince Lago led a tour of Coral Gables today with Commissioners Jorge L. Fors, Jr. and Kirk R. Menendez; focused on addressing code enforcement and landscaping issues in commercial sections of the City.

The City used one of its trolleys and offered resident participation in person or via zoom, as they drove through several important sections of the City Beautiful. From Flagler Street down to US1, the trolley drove through main thoroughfares of the City as staff took notes of issues that need to be addressed.

The discussion centered around the need for staff, residents and businesses to work together to improve the overall look of the city. Issues with landscaping, sidewalk cleanliness and maintenance and the need for general beautification were discussed.

The Commission has already started addressing some of the issues accentuated by the tour. The Mayor recently made the request that businesses pressure clean their sidewalks twice a year and help clean landscaped areas and maintain their trees.

On the trolley with the members of the Commission were the City’s new Assistant City Manager Alberto Parjus, City Clerk Billy Urquia, Assistant City Attorney Stephanie Throckmorton, Development Services Director Suramy Cabrera, Director of Public Works Hermes Diaz, Parking Director Kevin Kinney, among other key staff members.

The Mayor and Commissioners asked staff to prioritize these efforts to ensure the City maintain its overall look.


7 thoughts on “Mayor Leads Sunshine Trolley Tour With Commission And Staff To Address Code Enforcement And Landscaping Issues In The City

  1. If the Mayor and his staff were really serious about improving the landscaping in the City,
    the trolley should have towed away the big, ugly mechanical flowers at the roundabouts on Coral and Biltmore Way. They look like they were made in an insane asylum. .

  2. Vince Lago pressures all the small businesses and threatens them… Even blaming the director of the BID in a commission meeting, when the director of the BID has nothing to do with pressure washing the sidewalk pavers, picking up trash, and keeping the city presentable—- THATS THE CITY’S JOB! Instead of owning his shortfalls in holding the appropriate city departments accountable, he tries to publicly shame and pass off the blame. What a shady person!!! YOU are disgusting Vince Lago, undeserving of the Mayoral title! Kudos to all the small businesses out there trying to survive while Vince tried to punish you– YES as small businesses when we see trash we pick it up, but to sit there and say pressure washing, the city gardens on the sidewalks, the trash, the trash can should be OUR responsibility?? NO- That’s public services paid thru tax dollars. WAKE UP. Do you JOB! Or are you too busy always taking photos for social media after you show up to events to make it look like you care? Your “Open Office” is fake too… instead of listening to people, you talk about yourself… me me me me me. Go away- No one wants you.

  3. Did all these great funcionarios noted the horrible 10 million monstrosity on the roundabouts on Coral and Biltmore way? Where there any comments about that? PLEASE, one has to be blind!! And what has the Park Department doing about that ? NOTHING!!!

  4. Great idea and i commend the Mayor for pushing for it. Admin – can you please share video link of this ‘sunshine’ meeting? I can’t find it on the website.

  5. Something that is totally within the city’s control is our paltry streets. Please fix/re-pave the streets across from Riviera Country Club and San Amaro around UM, just to name two; please paint lane markers on many streets where they’re no longer visible. These and many others are resembling 3rd world countries.

  6. Businesses = property owners. Sounds like you are a tenant. Your building owner needs to upkeep the property just like the residential zones.

    Kudos to Mayor Lago for doing this. Actually getting the eyes on the problems instead of talking about them. All prior mayors were just interested in ribbon cuttings and traveling to south america.

  7. Businesses pressure clean their sidewalks ? With the money this City wastes YOU should clean them when requested. Businesses pay high fees and are barely makng it. We have suffered through the pandemic and now decreased business with inflation, gas and decreased foot traffic because of it. Increased rents that are totally unnecessary and price gouging. Help us for a change and clean your City.

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