Mayor Recovering From COVID-19

On Sunday, December 6th, Coral Gables Mayor Raul J. Valdes-Fauli received results of his routine COVID-19 test and was informed he had tested positive.

Valdes-Fauli, 77, had most recently participated in the city’s tree lighting ceremony on Friday, December 4th, where he had been in close contact with the other members of the City Commission and members of City staff.

The Mayor reported his test result to City Manager Peter Iglesias on Sunday night. Iglesias informed the Vice Mayor and Commissioners, as well as select staff members.

Some staff members who may have potentially been exposed were not informed until Monday. No email was sent to staff who may have been exposed, they were informed in person. Most found out through Gables Insider’s article on Monday.

Gables Insider has been informed that no additional staff members or members of the Commission have tested positive for COVID-19.

The Mayor is reportedly feeling well.


3 thoughts on “Mayor Recovering From COVID-19

  1. Yea why don’t we just sue EVERYONE…..jeepers put your head in the sand and hide until Covid leaves. How about showing a little compassion and concern for our city officials and staff instead of lashing out negatively. We are all in this together.

  2. The facts of this story reveal how outlandishly reckless the City’s officials are. The above story states the Mayor was in close contact with Commissioners and staff. CDC guidelines are that ALL of these people should be in quarantine. Anybody who contracts COVID as a result of this failure to quarantine should sue the Hell out of the City.

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