Miracle Mile Zoning Changes Workshop Scheduled For Wednesday Feb. 24

The City Commission will be holding a Commission workshop on Wednesday, February 24th at 4:00PM to discuss the proposed zoning changes to Miracle Mile.

This workshop will primarily discuss the suggested variations to the proposed zoning code by Vice Mayor Vince Lago and Commissioner Michael Mena, who have each submitted modified variations of the proposed changes. Commissioner Patricia Keon who has been the fiercest proponent of moving forward the proposed zoning changes has also submitted a proposal for consideration. (you can click on their names to see their proposals).

The workshop will be virtual and accessible to residents via zoom at: https://zoom.us/j/3054466800 or by calling into : (305) 461-6769 with the meeting ID: 305 446 6800.


3 thoughts on “Miracle Mile Zoning Changes Workshop Scheduled For Wednesday Feb. 24

  1. Enough

    The city government has disregarded the sustained objection from residents since first being allowed to comment on proposed changes in October 2020.

    This was 2.5 years after the city government worked with developers and consultants essentially behind closed doors crafting the changes without involving the tax-paying residents.

    Then for all of 4 months in the midst of pandemic, national disturbances with riots curfews and national unrest, followed by responsibilities of trying to provide our families with some semblance of holidays, the city claims it is sufficient to hold a few online meetings for residents.

    The repeated requests for documents from civic groups representing large numbers of residents have been ignored altogether. The repeated requests for postpontement of the discussion until residents can participate fully in person have been ignored (the ban on residents persists inexplicably while other cities host residents in person including Miami City Hall as permitted by Florida state law since November 2020).

    The good will of the residents has been met with disregard and disrespect. To the point of blocking venerable residents from speaking and presenting legitimate data regarding the absence of residents from attendance rosters of meetings that are being cited as resident participation in a process that never took place (Coral Gables Commission Meeting of February 9, 2021).

    There has been a lawsuit filed by an important civic group, another has hired an attorney, another attorney is proposing recall votes on commissioners, while residents are calling for referendums.

    The residents are no longer being represented and the city slogan is in serious peril unless the situation is corrected.

    Coral Gables is The City Beautiful and to protect it residents say Enough.

  2. No matter the proposal submitted by commissioners, the reality is that each proposal stands to change the historic character and identity of Miracle Mile “one of the few remaining developments of its type that has maintained its original purpose and significance in the continental United States”.  For the last several months, residents have expressed opposition to any up-zoning changes to Miracle Mile, in essence saying, “do not mess with Merrick’s Mile”.  Back in the 1980s, the historic preservation movement and the public also voiced concern over modern high rises changing the character of the downtown area. In response, a 70 feet (three stories) height restriction was placed on properties fronting the Mile. This zoning restriction is known as the Zain/Friedman Overlay.  Back then, the Commission listened and adopted the current regulations, placing a protective zoning overlay to preserve the Mile’s character and charm and  continued the requirement that appropriate parking be provided on-site for new construction.  For the past forty years, we know that this restriction discouraged new construction on the Mile.  We also know that allowing remote parking will open the door to new and pending construction, and yes, it will change the character of our historic “main street”.  Protect Miracle Mile. Respect the Zain/Friedman Overlay. Maintain its original purpose and significance.

  3. How many meetings are we going to have? Almost all the residents are against it and have spoken out. Now listen to us when we say NO NO NO to the zoning changes. And if you do not want to listen then get off your leadership positions because you are not supporting the people who elected you to do so. Go work for your developer friends. Enough already!!

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