NJIT: GAME 2 & 3

Mike Kaffee

Hurricanes Baseball Reporter
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Miami in grandiose fashion overwhelmed the Highlanders of NJ with a combined total of 35 runs on 30 hits spread over today’s DH in what turned out not only an explosive day for our bats but for the pitching staff as well. From a lackluster opening day performance which had the Miami faithful stunned as they saw a 5-run lead evaporate and almost handed an opening day loss to a complete turnabout where stagnation in run production during the middle innings was eliminated from their resume and pitching responded by striking out a combined total of 27 and allowing just 2 runs (one earned). Run production came at an unprecedented rate not scoring in only 3 innings for both games. 8 HRs left the park; five coming in the first game the longest coming in the opening half of the DH by Daniel Cuvet traveling 460 feet and landing on the track beyond the LF fence. In the second game, Daniel outdid himself with a grand slam in the 8th. Today, was a day of highlights from an opening 6 runs in the first inning of game one which included HRs from Blake Cyr and Carlos Perez, a 4-5 day from Jason Torres which included a pair of HRs along with a pair of doubles and Daniel Cuvet lacking a triple to complete the cycle. Game two had its share highlighted by 6 innings of no-hit ball from Herick Hernandez and completing the first shutout of the season striking out 10. Some said striking out 10 of 12 batters faced during the Alum Game was a fluke but repeating the same today was no such fluke and reason to take notice. What concerned everyone, especially me, was the quality of pitching we might have; being our Achilles Heel. For today, this fear was put to rest. Not only did we get exceptional performance from our starters but the BP as well not allowing a run. This was a day for all Cane fans to be excited about and eliminate any doubts that one came away from Friday’s fiasco. 

Rafe Schlesinger unlike Gage started slow but proceeded to get stronger, unlike Gage, with each inning. Giving up an opening run, he settled in for the next four innings not allowing a run striking out 7 to add to the 2 in the first. It was a solid performance on the mound and after the first inning, no one got beyond first base. The BP relief of Slaide Naturman and JT Caruso didn’t allow a hit as Miami cruised to a 19-2 victory.

The Offense was potent with 16 hits scoring in every inning except the 6th. 18 unanswered runs as the bats blitz on Highlander pitching. It started fast with 6 runs in the first highlighted by HRs from Blake Cyr and Carlos Perez. That was Blake’s second in as many days. In the second, Daniel Cuvet tags the third HR of the day, being the longest (460) extending the lead to 8-1. The third inning was Jason Torres’s first homer of the game then coming back in the 4th with a BL double for two more runs. The fifth saw a pair of doubles from Daniel Cuvet and once again from Jason. By the time Rafe retired from the mound after five strong innings, the score was 14-1. The 6th was a time out but returned with four more in the 7th and one more in the 8th with Jason’s second HR of the game. Offensively, the team batted .410, having the BL on 5 occasions. Our pitching staff held them to 5 hits batting .161.

The train didn’t slow down in the nightcap. The pitching only got better with Herick Hernandez on the mound. No hit ball through 6 as the hitting machine just kept producing. Drawing blanks in the first and third, the scoreboard became lit the remaining innings ending with a duo of 4 runs in the 7th and 8th. Antonio Jimenez started the scoring in the second with an RBI double followed one batter later by Jack Scanlon going long to bring the score to 3-0, the end of two. The 4th would be the first of 6 times we got to see the BL. Lucas Costello took advantage with a 2 RBI single. Added a run in the 5th on a Torres RBI single. Costello added two more in the 6th with a HR and a man on. The 7th, BL on 3 occasions netting 4 runs. Daniel Cuvet made it easier in the 8th clearing the bases with a Grand Slam capping the evening with a 16-0 shutout taking the series 3-0.  Whether there will be a 4th game, the weather might have something to say about it.

it. The offense batted .378 with NJ being held to 3 hits batting just .103.

Like the earlier game, the offense was just as potent not taking any time off to vegetate with 16 runs on 14 hits. Multiple numbers from Costello, Cuvet, and Torres. It was one memorable day for both Cuvet and Torres. Daniel 4-4( 2doubles,HR,2RBIs) in the first game, and the nightcap was 3-5 (HR,5RBIs). Jason was no slouch with a 4-5(2doubles,2HRs,5RBIs) performance and in the evening 3-5(2RBIs)

It was one beautiful day of great pitching and crazy hitting. The only blemish came on Friday but thanks to Lucas Costello’s saving catch in the 8th and Carlos Perez’s walk-off single in the 9th made a scare into a Mark Light Magic Moment

Whether there will be a 4th game is still yet to be determined Rain forecast throughout the day. As to our starting pitcher, it is still yet to be determined. 


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