Updated: One Dead, One Charged With Murder Following Shooting At North Gables Publix

Ariel Fernandez

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An argument at the lottery line at a North Gables Publix has left one dead and the suspect charged with murder.

The incident took place on the evening of Saturday, February 5th, at 6:15PM at the Publix located at 106 Ponce de Leon Boulevard.

Witnesses explained that two men were standing in line to purchase lottery tickets when an argument broke out between the two. The argument escalated quickly and one man pulled out a 9mm gun and shot the other man, who died on the scene.

Police have identified the victim as 49-yesr-old Franklyn Jose Pineyro. 51-year-old Osmel Lugo Gutierrez was arrested and has been charged with murder.

The incident was captured by security cameras on the scene.

Miami-Dade Police Department has taken over the investigation, as is protocol with all death investigations within Coral Gables. The Miami-Dade Police Department Homicide Unit will be investigating.

Lugo Gutieerez is being held without bond.


9 thoughts on “Updated: One Dead, One Charged With Murder Following Shooting At North Gables Publix

  1. I live in the area. There is lots of crime. Ppl steal anything they see from dog, bikes to Amazon packages. On my ring app daily you see ppl at night breaking into cars. I hv outdoor cats that I started feeding bc there is someone in the neighborhood that poisons them. If we live among ppl the randomly kill animals what can we expect. Anyone who is sick enough to kill a cat – can kill ppl.

  2. Was there a security guard on site? If not, Publix should think about hiring an ARMED one for the evenings at this location.

  3. First, it’s not officially a Coral Gables jurisdiction. Certainly is between the City of Miami and feets to the Coral Gables limits. Second, we are facing angry people all over, maybe the economy, rent increase, gas price, food cost, etc. Lastly, another life is lost due to the gun sale’s poor control. A person that kills for a lottery line may not be in the right criteria to carry a weapon, more control is needed it. On the other hand, Publix opened the doors like any other day; in this location, “99.9 %” are Hispanic/Latino consumers, then they should bring a priest or a babalo to clean the spirit of the dead person. Personally, I will never shop in there.

  4. Publix needs to step up security at its stores. This particular store is well known as the shoplifting capital of Coral Gables.
    My wife’s bike was stolen from in front of the LeJeune Publix, in the daytime.

  5. Really enjoy the local coverage you offer but some of the copy needs editing. This story alone has several typos and awkward run on sentences.

  6. This is such a sad situation. Once again it’s not the gun it’s the user. Idiots with big egos, insecurities and macho man syndrome! What could have possibly been so aggravating that it was worth killing someone, ruining two families lives and his own?. Complete idiot. Glad no one else was hurt and I can’t imagine what the poor Publix employee must have felt having to experience that event.

  7. Another senseless death! Luckily more shoppers were not injured or killed. This new crime in a public space reinforces the need for detailed background checking before issuing gun permits.

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