One Hundred Voices Event This Sunday

Joanne S. Meagher

Joanne is a longtime Coral Gables resident and is presently a Member of the Coral Gables Merrick House Governing Board

Although the walls of the Merrick family home can’t talk, people certainly can! And there are plenty of stories to tell.

As Coral Gables approaches its 2025 centennial, the Merrick House brings you One Hundred Voices.

This series of informal gatherings highlights the people, places and plots of the City Beautiful’s first century through stories shared by locals who have lived it. There will also be bits and bobs from history buffs.

Join us at the Merrick House, 907 Coral Way, for a chat on the following Sundays starting at 4:30 pm. As always, the House is open for regular tours Saturdays and Sundays at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 pm.

Sunday, October 2–A George of All Trades: The Merricks and the Miami Postal Service

Long-serving Merrick House docent Juan Riera, an avid postcard and stamp collector,* shares engaging anecdotes about the early days of the post office for which both George and Charles Merrick worked.

*deltiologist and philatelist

Sunday, November 6–School Days: Tales from In and Out the Classroom

Gablelites Gay Bondurant, Lon Dowlen, Petsy Mesey and June Morris recall the halls of their grade, middle and high schools as well as what was done for fun before playdates were a thing.

More Stories Coming Winter/Spring 2023!

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at:


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