Protest Planned Against Zoning Changes

The Coral Gables Neighbor’s Association (CGNA) along with other civic associations and general members of the public will hold a rally against the proposed zoning and land use amendments to Miracle Mile and the Craft’s Section on Tuesday, February 9th at noon across from City Hall.

The CGNA has notified the Coral Gables Police Department of their intent to rally and invites any residents to join them at 400 Biltmore Way.


20 thoughts on “Protest Planned Against Zoning Changes

  1. Thank you to the organizers, it is time to show that voters are “not for sale” and that our opinion counts. Let’s stop the creation of another Brickell in our beloved city or whatever is left of the City Beautiful.

  2. NO! We do not want more big buildings! We want to keep our city as it is! We already got so many new big constitutions! Some of them still empty, or almost! It is enough! In fact more than enough!
    I can not be in the rally tomorrow despistes I would like to!

  3. M.T., actual humans approve comments one by one . Both have been approved. Thanks for your support.

  4. STOP building and CONTROL THE HEIGHTS of buildings. We love our community the way it is. I want to look up and see the SKY, not towering cement buildings. NO! NO! NO!

  5. Are our opinions being censored?

    After I tried to post my opinion, I received a reply stating that “YOUR COMMENT IS AWAITING MODERATION”. Subsequent to that, it HAS NOT been posted.

    My comment did not include any offensive language. It reiterated what others feel regarding our not wanting our fair city to become a concrete jungle.

    I am extremely disappointed that my comment was never approved and wonder why it was not posted. It has disappeared from the computer as of now.

  6. Is it even a question? Of course my vote is NO. The traffic and chaos that this people bring to the city is outrageous. When are they going to listen to us?

  7. The citizens of Coral Gables have been voicing their COMPLETE OPPOSITION to the proposed changes on Miracle Mile and the Crafts Section for a while now.
    What does it take to be heard?
    It is my opinion that there is probably some kind of “lobbying” behind the lines to our ELECTED officials which might be “encouraging” them to vote for the changes.
    As a long time resident of the city of the City of Coral Gables, and in multiple conversations with neighbors, we are quite aware of multiple issues which,as a whole, are of much more importance.
    STOP wasting our resources . WE DO NOT WANT ANY MORE HIGH RISES on our city which are of benefit to only a few and change the character of our fair city, converting it to
    just another concrete jungle!

    Are our officials listening to our voices? We will confirm whether they are or not by their vote tomorrow. Not just postpone…….but GET RID OF THIS INITIATIVE ONCE AND FOR ALL!

  8. DO NOT CHANGE THE ZONING. if we, Coral Gables residents, wanted Brickell Avenue we would move to Brickell Ave. Do not allow our beautiful city to become an asphalt jungle. There is way too many huge buildings already, stop overbuilding and make Miracle Mile more appealing without changing its style and spirit.

  9. There is no question in my mind that corruption is at hand by allowing these ridiculous going changes. Just be aware that every single resident is aware of who is on the board and if they vote for this expansion of zoning, they will not receive our votes.

  10. This is a great idea! It is time for the elected officials to see and listen! We do not want Brickell on the Mile; we have written and sent emails, we have made phone calls, we have attended and spoken at the few “REAL” public meetings that have been held. We are tired of being told that there were SO MANY public meetings that were only attended by those who were invited by the City Staff, that seem to be afraid of the developers, and knew about them: developers and their representatives, architects, land use attorneys, etc. What did they have in common? Most of them will benefit from the BIG buildings, one way or the other! And the consultant? She was hired to make the code easier to understand, correct errors, not to make CHANGES. It shows in the minutes of the day she was hired that the Commission was assured by her and the previous City Manager that there was nothing about changes! As a matter of fact in her written proposal her group listed having “PUBLIC” meetings. As we all now know the only REAL PUBLIC meetings were scheduled at the request of Vice Mayor Lago with the agreement of Commissioners Mena and Fors, and begrudgingly by Commissioner Keon and the Mayor. The bottom line is WE THE PEOPLE, do not want changes of the zoning code, Land Usage Plan, or any other creative idea to transform our beloved city into Brickell, Manhattan, Downtown Miami, etc. We live here because we like it the way it is!!!!

  11. My vote is NO! I find it shameful and disgusting that this was considered and agreed to by the entire Board. I will not vote for any incumbent running for major or commissioner. My vote will go to outsiders.

  12. As a long long time resident, I don’t agree with the 6 story high proposal, but certainly, Miracle Mile is a dead man walking and needs a total resent. Right now, it is just full of little irrelevant stores and tons of other businesses (like some of the fast food joints and that awfully ugly Thai restaurant) that directly contradict the “Miracle” part of the name.

    At the very least, the city ought to try to achieve some degree of architectural uniformity including awnings that stretch to at least half the sidewalk so that it is pleasant to walk it.

    Miracle Mile has two huge enemies: the owners of the businesses and online shopping. Incentivize better businesses (more higher/middle class restaurants and bars), incentivize good architectural design… make it a pleasant environment to walk in. Right now, it’s totally utterly irrelevant and dead.

  13. Make sure they do profit from these businesses deals with the developers! They love to get together at the country club w the mayor to continue their plans … overcrowding our city
    We need to stop them
    Change mayor and change politician in coral gables asap

  14. Ray, I am sure you work for or are associated with the Developers or those who will profit from this horrible proposal, per your ridiculous comment. City leaders, the passion by the residents against this proposal speaks loud and clear. You MUST do what the residents want as we placed you there to support our City the way we want it supported. If we have to take legal action against you after the vote, we will. More City dollars wasted when we should be spending our time upgrading the Mile with covered walkways and tax credits with a volunteer watchdog committee for lower rent. We have spoken over and over and can not understand why this is even an issue anymore. I have read the comments and attended the zoom meetings. Now it is time for me to speak up. No, no, no, no, no !!!!!!!!!!!! No changes to the Mile.

  15. You spend tax payers money fixing Miracle Miles and we are happy the way the city of Coral Gables look and operate. I don’t want overcrowded city.

  16. Elected officials (with emphasis on elected , not rulers by divine grace)
    Ignoring the people , specially during these times , is not a smart move.
    Take heed of the people , they are the ones that placed you in positions of power (albeit of minimal
    stature) , and they are the ones that can dispose of you. Leave the Mile alone.

  17. I have a doctor’s appointment right at noon, but I will definitely swing by on my way back! Thank you for organizing!!!!

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