Public Meeting At 5pm Today (11/30) On Zoning of Miracle Mile


Please all take notice that in accordance with City of Coral Gables Code section 2-26 and chapter 286.011(8), there will be a virtual Sunshine Meeting, Monday, November 30, 2020, beginning at 5:00 p.m., for the purpose of discussing the Miracle Mile, Crafts Section, and MF-2 Floor Area Ratio (FAR) portions of the Zoning Code Rewrite.

Call In Telephone Number: (305) 461-6769

Meeting ID: 305 446 6800

The meeting may be attended by multiple members of the Coral Gables City Commission and may be attended by city staff and representatives. The meeting is open to attendance by members of the public.



8 thoughts on “Public Meeting At 5pm Today (11/30) On Zoning of Miracle Mile

  1. We can all solve the problem we are facing in the City if we, the residents of Coral Gables, decide to patronize the shops and restaurants on Miracle Mile. Businesses go out of business when there are no customers… we have a beautiful, let’s get out and enjoy it (of course… safely)

  2. Yeah all I can say is that watching Miracle Mile over the course of the last six months has been like a nightmare unfolding. Many restaurants and other places of business that seemed iconic to Miracle Mile have been forced to shutter and up and close without even the slightest concern from City Hall. Le Provencal which was a staple restaurant on the Miracle Mile gone; John Martin’s gone, Navarro’s gone. it seems like every place of business has a new for lease sign on it and it seems as if Gables City council is doing nothing to alleviate this blood letting of sorts. When is this nightmare going to be over? When will things improve and when will our lives get back to normal. It seems like you all don’t have an answer to these questions and you all do not inspire any confidence as to whether things will get better and in the meantime all I see is more bad news and more new covid cases getting diagnosed. Next election cycle I will vote against every incumbent in Gables city government from the mayor to the least significant public official.

  3. Another long time Gables resident agrees that this is a terrible idea to turn miracle mile into a brickle mile

  4. Terranova Chairman Stephen Bittel Says: “The definition of insanity is to do the same thing again and again and expect different results.” The converse is to look at successful city planning and do likewise. I refer to the pedestrian mall on Giralda. Miracle Mile architecture should remain the same but the road should be closed and pedestrianized. East-bound traffic could be routed to Andalusia and west-bound traffic to Aragon. There is already a new parking garage on Aragon; the garages on Andalusia could be replaced or renovated.

  5. I’m extremely upset as well. There is city planning from what I’m seeing, if not how could you let so many high rises be constructed? Have they thought about consequences..? Do we need more rush hrs, turning into daily hours? Really how greedy can they be..atrocious planning in this city.

  6. I am extremely upset that the Mayor and commissioners are representing the developers and not the residents who are the ones who have elected them into office to represent us, the greed of all is involved is reprehensible at best. I am strongly opposed to the density being proposed for Miracle Mile and all the concrete jungle buildings springing up all over Coral Gables. I have lived here for since I was a child and decided to stay here and raise my family because of it’s residential and quiet town atmosphere. I guess we will know who to vote out of office in the coming elections!

  7. I am strongly opposed to the increased density being proposed for Miracle Mile and its surroundings. I am also opposed to the conversion of residential units into offices. This is a residential town and should remain that way.

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