Resident Starts Petition Against Development On The Mile

Coral Gables activist and longtime resident, Maria Cruz, has started a petition on to let the commissioners of Coral Gables know that residents and business owners oppose 6-floor high buildings on Miracle Mile. In just a few days the petition has received over 277 supporters.

“It’s time to stop massive development in Coral Gables” says Cruz, adding that the elected officials need to listen to the residents, the real stakeholders, and not the staff and developers who are fly-by-night. Cruz says she is not opposed to development, specifically well-done low-rise buildings. However, recent massive development projects like Gables Station and Paseo de la Riviera on US-1 has residents like Cruz up in arms.

Cruz says there is no benefit to the long-term residents of The City Beautiful. “The proof is we have all these massive and tall buildings and yet we pay more every year in taxes.” added Cruz. She said a decade ago residents were sold that new development would lead to lower taxes. While it is true that Coral Gables has not increased the tax rate, the local government has enjoyed years of rapidly increasing property values leading residents to may more in taxes each year.

A link to the circulating petition could be found here. What do you think about development on Miracle Mile? Leave us a comment below!


9 thoughts on “Resident Starts Petition Against Development On The Mile

  1. Slightly off topic, OK substancially off, but where else to voice my displeasure. We are taking about miracle mile and YIKES, what about those sidewalks. I can not be the only one who thinks that they horrible and ugly. In hindsight they were a taste of what’s to come. ie… Those lovely high rises on US 1 and the monstrosity high rise in downtown. Forgive the rant.

  2. Solution to Save the Mile:

    Declare many of the 3 unit Buildings with Moderne/ Art Deco features “historic” and give the Owners tax breaks on Assesessed Value since they can not be developed to “highest & best use”. Not fair to be paying so much in taxes/ land value and then not be able to cash out in future.

    The landowners on adjacent streets would thus greatly benefit with more development opportunities for them. Increased tax revenues for Gables & Miami-Dade with redevelopment on adjacent streets.

  3. I signed the petition, but unfortunately, it seems like certain things, like the 12 story hotel on Miracle Mile, with no parking lot, are a “done deal” . As the merchants fall farther behind because they cannot pay the increased rent and taxes, and customers go elsewhere to avoid the mess, the owners of the smaller buildings will sell out and they will be replaced by the concrete monsters. The mayor and commissioners have set in motion the downhill spiral in Coral Gables.

  4. I will definitely sign this petition. Coral Gables has become a place to avoid because of traffic, parking issues, etc. And to anonymous- the city is not in the hole for millions on the huge pensions- it is on the hook for HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF $$$$. I urge all residents to request the list that has the annual pension amount and the age at which the employee retired. It is truly mind boggling compared to what people in the private sector get. It is public record and will educate people on why our city is so deeply in debt, despite enormous property taxes and out of control development.

  5. Let’s stop looking to more development as the panacea. The mile has a 40% vacancy rate. New, 6 story buildings will be that much more expensive. Leave that to the grove. Let’s pass a requirement that landlords must have an active tenant within a certain time or they get fined. Keep the mile a pedestrian friendly, hometown district. Bigger, empty buildings aren’t the answer.

  6. The issue for me is the arrogance of the Commissioners to decide an issue of this importance in secret without any resident input. We have to be constantly vigilant to insure that the Commissioners are stopped from implementing their clients’ (the developers) wishes. Sign the petition and attend the visual Coral Gables Neighbors Association on December 5 @ 9:00 A.M. Finally, the Commissioners can be high handed because we elect them term after term even when they approve monstrous development.

  7. Context, Development Rights, Precedent & Compromise.

    What is the appropriate building height for Miracle Mile?

    It is NOT one or two stories, like most of the buildings there.

    It is NOT 6 stories, either.

    Context. How tall is the Prettiest, most Historic Building on the Mile, the Colonnade? How tall is the tallest building, 55 Miracle Mile? Four (4) stories.

    DEVELOPMENT RIGHTS. Property owners have been paying a fortune in RE taxes for years; they have a right to develop to the highest and best long term use. I emphasize long term use. 6 stories means more rent coming in immediately, but maybe less quality of life, causing people with money to move to Palm Beach County & elsewhere. Why is there a Brightline train? To get out of Miami and envirirons which has been getting UGLIER, less hospitable to live.

    PRECEDENT/ FAIRNESS. If in the past FOUR story limit for 55 Miracle Mile. This height/ benchmark should be respected!

    COMPROMISE. Between the existing 2 stories on Most of the Mile & the proposed six (6) is again the number FOUR.

    POSSIBLE EXCEPTION to appease Both parties. Allow extra story (5) , but make developers provide an ARCADE or COLONNADE for the benefit of pedestrians.

  8. Enough is enough. We were told all the development would save the businesses. It did not and the Mile is still hurting. The tax increase from all these condos is tremendous as each unit is around $4000 – $5000+ / year. Coral Gables has not fiscally handled their pension money and is behind by millions. They need the development to help them out of this hole, but not at our expense. Want to save Coral Gables? Give us back easy and inexpensive parking next to the businesses. That has killed commerce as women will not park in a garage by themselves to pick up a quick gift or outfit. Clean up your finances and stop making the City Beautiful a concrete jungle the residents DO NOT WANT. You were elected by us to serve us, not do what you want. You are all shameful and it is time for us to stand up to you and say NO NO NO.

  9. I think the buildings should be low allowing light and sky and a feeling of openness (see Dublin, Ireland for this approach). Especially important for pedestrians. Such a pity one cannot walk the length of the Mile without either the sun beating down on you or getting wet. Would have been great to have awnings or colonnades for protection from the elements. I think Coral Gables should launch a green rooftop movement. Good for the environment and reduces heat in a city, but also enhances the views from any tall building. I discovered how ugly the views are when my husband’s law office was looking at offices in the Gables. Finally, palm trees are attractive but they don’t canopy or offer shade. I know they’re less maintenance but shade is super important.

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