Election Brings Changes To Coral Gables’ Representation

The election is now over. Political mailers, robocalls, text messages, emails and social media posts are a thing of the past.

For Coral Gables, the representative landscape has almost entirely changed.


In perhaps one of the most highly contested races in the country, State Senate district 37, challenger Ileana Garcia holds a 20 vote lead over incumbent Jose Javier Rodriguez with 215,544 votes cast, going into an automatic recount.

Clarity does exist in the rest of the political picture for Coral Gables, and it was not a year that favored incumbents.


In a Congressional race that few believed would end up being flipped, Republican Maria Elvira Salazar (51.37%) defeated Democrat Donna Shalala (48.63%), as a key pickup by Republicans in Congress. Salazar had also run against Shalala in 2018, where the result had been 51.8% to 45.8% to elect Shalala to Congress in retiring Ileana Ros-Lehtinen’s seat.


In State House district 112, Representative Nicholas Duran won re-election by a narrower margin than his 2018 victory. (2018: 57.55% to 42.45%. 2020: 53.01% to 46.99%).

State House of Representatives district 114, was an open seat vacated by Democrat Javier Fernandez who lost his bid for State Senator in west Miami-Dade. Republican Demi Busatta Cabrera (54.39%) defeated Jean-Pierre Bado (45.61%) to flip this seat to the Republicans.


With the term limits on Commissioner Xavier Suarez, two political veterans ran to fill his vacant seat. In another close election, former School Board Member Raquel Regalado (50.62%) defeated former Pinecrest Mayor Cindy Lerner (49.38%). This race was decided by exactly 1,300 votes.


5 thoughts on “Election Brings Changes To Coral Gables’ Representation

  1. MICHAEL LANTZ your comment should be stricken down as you are spreading falsehoods, none of the countries you mentioned are socialist by any measures this is not what AOC is pushing when she talks about making lists of political opponents to persecute. socialism is a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. there aren’t many countries that are still socialist Cuba is one of them – world atlas has the list and not even one of the countries you mentioned is on it .. your calling lying and you lie yourself the rest of the staff i am a Democrat and i support Daca and many of our incoming president policies – I just do not support your willful lying or glorification of the militarized oppressive cuban regime

  2. With all due respect, maybe if all those countries are so much better than ours, he should move there. We need to respect the voters in this district.

  3. If you had ever seen Donna Shalala in person and her disdain and dismissive attitude toward the “little people” like table servers, you would know who she really is. She also gave the “green” lip service constantly, while she was selling a sensitive tract of land donated to UM to developers to build a Walmart and condos. Politicians like that need to go, no matter what their party affiliation.

  4. Congratulations to the winners and particularly to the Republican winners and supporters of God, Life and the free world.

  5. Except that you’re ignoring the facts. Maria was no more qualified to represent district 27 this election
    than she was in 2018. Her entire campaign was focused on Castro (who’s been dead at least 4 years) and equating communism to being socialist.
    To remind you, Canada is socialist, Ireland is socialist, so is the UK, as well as Europe being socialist. And as far as Cuba goes, they have health care for there people and a covid rate that
    is far below ours. So all Maria Salazar did in 2018 and 2020 was bitch off on communism and supporting the lying, psychopath, who won’t concede the election and makes up bull shy
    about having the election stolen because he lost.
    Where was Maria Salazar when children were separated from their parents, when DACA kids
    sanctuary, or when Puerto Rico needed help??
    Same With Carlos Gimenez a major Trump supporter. Gimenez killed Miami-Dade’s sancutary city for DACA kids. And what about Gimenez being
    the person behind the shady construction company to get the contract for the pedestrian bridge collapse at FIU???

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