Residential Fertilizer Ban Considered in Coral Gables

A proposed ordinance, sponsored by Commissioner Pat Keon, to ban the use of fertilizer from June 1 to September 30 each year will be heard on First Reading at the December 10th Coral Gables City Commission meeting.

The proposed ordinance brief says:

“Excessive and improper use of fertilizers contributes to adverse effects on surface and ground water, and excessive nutrients from fertilizer run off can lead to algae blooms and cause harm to aquatic vegetation and wildlife. Recognizing that it is in the best interest of the public health, safety, and welfare of the City’s residents and visitors to reduce runoff from improperly applied fertilizers in the waters of the City, the City Commission is considering an ordinance to prohibit the application of fertilizers containing nitrogen and phosphorous during a certain time period each year. The prohibited application period would run from June 1 to September 30 each year, and whenever the City is under a tropical storm or hurricane watch or warning. Various facilities, including golf courses and athletic fields, as well as lands used for bona fide scientific research or farm operations will be exempt from the ordinance, provided that the fertilizers are applied following Florida Department of Environmental Protection and/or Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services best management practices.”  

The largest users of fertilizer, golf courses and athletic fields are exempt and can fertilize year-round. In addition, homeowners living along a canal or lake would be prohibited from fertilizing year-round within 15 feet from the water source.  

You can contact your commissioners by emailing them all at once at: [email protected]


6 thoughts on “Residential Fertilizer Ban Considered in Coral Gables


  2. It is excessive and improper use of fertilizers and insecticides that are our problem, not fertilizing in general. Banning residential fertilizer usage during the growing season for our neighbors with dooryard gardens is thoughtless. Fertilizing after September 30 is not the best approach either. Palms should not be fertilized after September 30th in the event we experience a cold snap over our winter season.
    Let’s educate our neighbors on proper fertilizing not legislate another ban we have to enforce.

  3. quick!,,, come,,,, my neighbor just unloaded a bag of miracle grow!,,, seriously these people keep to mind their own dm business. I was told she lives in a condo. Does she know how hard it is to keep lawns pretty?,,,,,oh wait she carved out the golf courses ,,,I wonder why!

  4. Very important proposal, Biscayne Bay is showing continued severe sea grass loss which is caused in great part by excess nutrients.
    I have been fishing the Bay for most of my life, and have seen the changes firsthand.
    Thank you Pat Keon for this timely proposed ordinance.

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