Rotary Club Announces Citizen Of The Year Award Winner

The Rotary Club of Coral Gables is pleased to announce that the Martin Hughes Citizen of the Year Award for 2021 is honoring Coral Gables resident, Lynn Bauer.

The Award, named for Martin Hughes, the Rotarian who originally conceived the program, has been presented to Coral Gables’ outstanding citizens since 2006. Previous community leaders that have been honored include David Lawrence, Roxcy Bolton, William H. Kerdyk,Jr. Leona Cooper, Mayor Dorothy Thompson and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen to name just a few.

The Citizen of the Year Honoree is selected based on the following criteria:
· They must reside in Coral Gables continuously for the preceding 5 years
· Their contributions should not be limited to one specific field
· Community contributions must have been sustained over an extended period and be generally recognized in the

This year’s committee, chaired by Attorney and Mediator, Frank Sexton, had four nominations for the Award. The winner however, was clear. The committee had no difficulty selecting the candidate for her outstanding work for the past 25 years.

Lynn Bauer is known to many for her work with the Coral Gables Community Foundation and most recently as a Trustee and the Vice President of the Coral Gables Museum. She is one of those people who can be counted on to step up when she sees that she can be of service.

She is the owner of Bauer Financial, a Coral Gables bank-rating firm. After a business associate told her about a couple caring for 23 orphaned children in a church in Samisragudem, India, Lynn and a cadre of her generous friends addressed the home’s immediate needs, digging into their own pockets to make things happen. She created a foundation to support their efforts and held several high profile fund raisers in the Gables to raise the funds to buy land and construct a new home. She engaged the students at Miami Christian School and their students adopted the home, selling lemonade, making gifts, sending photos, making pen pals with the children at Sunil’s home. All because Lynn shared her passion for helping others.

Also this year, for the first time, The Club is recognizing and honoring it’s very first CORPORATE Citizen of the Year for outstanding contributions to the Coral Gables Community … Bill Ussery Automotive Group. When they began their business in 1957, they were a family owned dealership. And today, they are in their third generation of family ownership and remain committed to the Coral Gables Community in which they live. There is hardly a cause, a charity, or a worthwhile event that takes place in Coral Gables that does not have the backing of Mercedes Benz. Their corporate giving policy benefits the City Beautiful year round.

The Rotary Club of Coral Gables will honor both winners on Thursday, May 20, 2021 at the regular weekly ZOOM meeting, beginning at 12:15. The ZOOM meeting is open for everyone. ZOOM MEETING ID: 829 0086 7280 (pswd: 0000)


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