Second Annual Gables Family Literacy Festival A Huge Success

Ariel Fernandez

Founder & Editor
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The City of Coral Gables celebrated it Second Annual Gables Family Literacy Festival on Saturday, May 28th, and it was a huge success.

The Literacy Festival was a project spearheaded by the Coral Gables School Community Relations Committee (SCRC). The festival was an idea of Committee Vice Chair Samuel Joseph, who sought to bring similar offerings of the Miami Book Fair to Coral Gables with the goal of promoting literacy for children as we enter the summer months.

This year, the City estimated 1,900 people participated in the festival. From a Scholastic book fair to a book donation and exchange area to author readings and book signings to food vendors and live music, and we can’t miss rock climbing, the festival offered entertainment for the entire family.

“This is a marvelous event. I am just elated to be here with all our stakeholders in the City Beautiful. It is just fantastic to see the parents, the grandparents, the children, and I just met a group of great grandparents who are here to join us to enjoy this event. We have some great options of books for our children to read this summer. Reading is extremely important. As I like to say, ‘avid readers will be great leaders'” said School Board Member Mari Tere Rojas.

“Like the first festival, the Literacy Festival was an amazing event that offered books and activities for children of all ages. Our City is blessed to have creative individuals who dreamt of this event and made that dream come true,” said Coral Gables Commissioner Rhonda Anderson.

The City’s Community Recreation Department, as usual, went above and beyond to make this event a success. Led by Fred Couceyro, Carolina Vester and Mitchell Zuriarrain, they once again made the City Beautiful just that. Their team included: Norma Gavarrette, Sarah Espino, Chris Gonzalez, Christ Brennan, Juaquin Perreira, Chantell Fortuna, James Flipse, Katherine Diaz, Lauren Martinez, Kaylin Rodriguez and Michael Lainfiesta.

In 2021, the City successfully held its first Literacy Festival on the same weekend, with over 1,500 participants, organized by the City’s Community Recreation Department.


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